Namjoon's wife⁷

Namjoon's wife⁷



Jimin knows how to speed up your heartbeat : a very SEXC thread Jimin being the biggest natural flirt

Starting with this sexiest moment... He knows what he doin' here ... I love those flirty eyes

17 seconds jimin staring at that Army... Uggghhh *screams

The way he said "come out and play. Let's play together" ....... Nothing just jimin simply talking with armys

I —

Imagine..... The same way, Jimin flirting with you... Yeah imagine

Ajjssshhhkkkkjgghh ...the whole time he knows what he doin' with us ... He knows the impact 🤌🏻😭

Gwaddd !!!!

Yeah it's enough honey 👉🏻👈🏻

Remember jimin said "Don't look at other men"

Why why ? You doing this toy heart 😭

The way he was looking at the camera... I can feel her ....

Ayeeee my heart

screaming passing out aggressively

I'm fine.... Yeah I'm totally okay

Nothing just Seokjin and Jimin flirting

Huhuhuhuhhu baby flirting with us *uwu 😚

Acckkkkaaa that's sooo sudden

This man is the biggest flirt .... I can't handle it

Y'all suffer with me 😭😭

*aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😩

END of the thread .... Hope you survive.....


GOALS for love ❤️

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