Moldbug's concept of the Iron Polygon is way more useful than "The Cathedral" alone. I've seen many anons independently come up with similar observations / theories to Moldbug's Polygon - which is a good indication that it's true (thread) (might be long but will be good)

so basically the iron polygony describes where power actually lies in modern society (specifically America). it's based on the iron triangle, which moldbug (correctly) says is inadequate

moldbug names ten "major vertexes" (MV) of power within America, where an MV is defined as a node of power that is actually capable of changing society in some way (either implementing or influencing policy), is shielded from public criticism, and also from democratic politics

the presidency (+ white house) is defined as a "minor vertex" of power because, although it has the power to enact policy, it isnt shielded from public opinion or democracy (meaning it occasionally flips sides and flailingly opposes some aspects of the progressivist system)

moldbug says a good way to identify a powerful organization is to look for those that claim to hold "responsibility". no powerful organization today brands itself as such -- they're all harmless philanthropists out to save society from some calamity (racism, climate change, etc)

he names 10 MV which act as our government: - colleges (aka "the cathedral") - mainstream media - NGOs - monopoly corporations - judiciary - congress - civil service (CIA, FBI, state department etc) - corporate contractors - the military - federal reserve and banks

he argues that because these vertexes are in a delicate balance of power (i.e. a more convoluted version of "I scratch your back you scratch mine" as seen with the Iron Triangle), taking one or two MV out of the equation can throw off the system, leading to radical change

one of his main points is that "the cathedral" is the head or "brain" of the polygon; that all other MV defer to the stance of academics on all major issues. which, imo, is plainly not really true. academia is a weapon used by the ruling caste (u know who) & not THE power itself

I dont know why he argues this (or thinks that he can get away with arguing this?), since he names the council on foreign relations, rockefeller foundation etc in his articles, which obviously have more power (i.e. ability to change society) than college professors

still, academia is one of the most powerful institutions and it does significantly define the ideology of society by indoctrinating each new generation of "elites" (political puppets, corporate elites, activist footsoldier goons, etc etc)

the polygon should be viewed through his other concept of Inner vs Outer Party, which is something I also talked about a few years ago before reading Moldbug (many others have too). in simple terms: leftists play offense for the system, while socalled "right-wingers" play defense

the purpose of the "right" is to advance the agendas of the system by acting as a completely useless punching bag for the left. it exists to maintain the illusion of democracy and to distract from the fact that we live under a one-party state with a singular, globalist ideology

due to democracy, sometimes the outer party (right) gets taken over by a rogue element that attempts to oppose some aspect of the globalist agenda, in which case the entire polygon relentlessly attacks the infiltrator (e.g. trump) to restore the normality of controlled opposition

in polygon terms, outer party = military (and democratic institutions), inner party = every other major vertex. the military is fundamentally controlled by inner party and aside from bombing brown people to impose g@y rights, it serves the same purpose as the modern "right-wing"

in that it gives true believers of the inner party (leftists, etc) a big bad enemy to "rebel" against. leftists dont regard the inner party as being in control of society (or the world, even), they just see it as a collection of good, "responsible," well-meaning philanthropists

lost my train of thought so thread ends here. may add more later

oh yea i should add, I dont think the iron polygon is a particularly revolutionary observation. boomer conspiracy theorists have been coming out with similar things for years. image related is a way better explanation, but moldbug's polygon is a good simple intro for noobs

actually this image doesnt really explain the same concept but you get the idea

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