Mr. Saxobeat | struggle arc

Mr. Saxobeat | struggle arc



Osamu who can hear and see spirits + Atsumu who can only see them and get a general vibe from them. They don't realize this until they're about 16, thinking the sights are just "normal" people. That's when the fun begins. :)

One day the twins are sitting on the porch, staring off into the heated distance while their mother makes lunch. Atsumu's laying upsidedown on the top step, his brother sitting upright beside him. They're both quiet until Atsumu grunts and suddenly slaps Osamu's knee.

"Dude what the hellโ€”" "Shut up and look." Atsumu points to the tall grass on the other side of the road. "There's someone there." A figure clad in grey cloths stands hunched over, its head just barely visible through the tall brush.

The face is sunken in, 'almost like grandpa' Atsumu thinks. He looks over to his brother, taking in the indignant expression Osamu has on right now. Atsumu glances at the figure, then back to his brother. "What is it?"

Osamu glares harshly at the supposed man. "'Tsumu?" "'Samu." "Y'know when ya can't sleep 'cause ya feel someone watchin' ya at night?" Atsumu's face pinches in disgust, sitting up to properly look at the figure across the road. "That's sick!"

Osamu nods. "He knows it is, he just doesn't care." "Isn't there somethin' we can do?" "He's old, 'Tsumu. There's nothin' we *can* do." Osamu says, gesturing between the two of them.

A breeze starts blowing in, and when they look back, the man is gone. The twins aren't able to dwell on it too long โ€” their mother calls them in for lunch. Atsumu's the first to go, cursing under his breath about creepy old men.

Osamu stares out into the field a little longer, searching for the man. It's odd that someone so hunched over was able to get away so fast. His mother yelling for him to come in pulls his mind out of the thick brush, and with one last look he goes inside.

Neither of the boys tell their mother about what they saw, and even when she asks what took Osamu so long, he lies, telling her he was just watching a snake trying to cross the road.

When they go to bed, they make sure to lock the windows shut, and keep the curtains drawn. The room's uncomfortably stuffy for a summer night, but they're not taking any chances.

Weeks pass until Atsumu spots the man again, only this time, there's two more figures beside him. The teen is currently by himself outside, his brother abandoning him in favor of a mid-morning nap, and his heart jumps at the realization.

It's not like the figures are doing anything, but that's why it's even more unnerving. He doesn't know what they're translucent eyes are doing nor does he know what they're seeing in him, but he feels weirdly exposed. Not wanting to seem weak, Atsumu stares right back.

The shrill cries of the cicadas grow as the air gets hotter, sweat slowly drips down the sides of Atsumu's face, dripping off his chin and onto the step below him. He makes the mistake of blinking when a gnat flies in front of his face, and the figures move closer.

Their faces are more grotesque, dry and cracked as the earth between them, yet somehow droopy like warmed candle wax. It's an uncomfortable sight, and Atsumu tells himself he's been spending too much time in the sun. Another blink.

They've now crossed the road completely, standing at the very edge of the Miya property, just behind the gated archway. Atsumu quickly rises to his feet, a hand gripping onto a wooden beam for support.

Their faces are even worse now that they're closer: bone visible through the cracks in their grey skin, eyes empty, and the hunched back more pronounced. The figure in front smiles at Atsumu, his stomach turning at the sight, and he swallows nervously.

There's an empty threat on Atsumu's tongue, but before he can vocalize it, his brother's voice cuts through the air, startling everyone. "SHUT UP!"

Atsumu whips his head to look at Osamu, who's currently standing in the doorway, leaning against the frame as he rubs the last bit of sleep from his eyes with a scowl, his nap seemingly interrupted. He growls as if he was just told something irritating.

"No, I'm not saying sorry!" Osamu exclaims while staring straight at the front figure. Atsumu isn't sure what's taking place before him, and he isn't sure if he wants to know either, instead taking careful steps towards his brother while keeping his eyes forward.

Osamu growls again, gesturing with a wide sweep of the arm at the house, *his* house. "Does it look like yer family still lives here!? You've been dead and watchin' for how long and ya still don't get it?" The figures shake in disbelief.

Atsumu leans towards his twin, whispering while minting eye contact with the figures. 'What did they say?' Osamu makes a face, crossing his arms in front of his chest. "Said they're keepin' an eye out n'case their kids come back."

"What kids?" Atsumu's eyebrows pinch in confusion. "No one's lived here before us fer the past thirty years?" A grunt. "I know, but I don't think they understand thatโ€” do NOT take another step closer!"

Atsumu's head snaps to look at the now open gate, blanching at the distorted, angry faces of the figures. He elbows Osamu, whining in pain when his arm is slapped in response. He rubs the reddening spot on his arm. "Well can ya at least /try/ to get them to understand?"

"And how d'ya suppose I do that?" "I don't knowโ€” ask them what year it is? Who they are?" Osamu huffs, but concedes, questioning the men in a much calmer voice.

โš ๏ธ will finish tomorrow, my brain reverted to factory settings โš ๏ธ

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