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Mage Atsumu + Prince Kiyoomi | Fantasy AU | #sakuatsu #skts @queenhyatsuwu, this one's for you <33 Atsumu has always liked to make things. He's always liked to watch his hands work to create something essentially from nothing. +

Atsumu knows interests aren't genetic, but he still likes to think he gets it from his mother, Aiko. Days sitting in her workshop when he was younger are core memories from his childhood he'll forever hold close to his heart. +

Him and Osamu were constantly grabbing herbs from the garden and restocking the ingredients in Aiko's workshop. If it wasn't obvious enough already; Aiko is a mage. One who specifically specializes in potions. +

Atsumu still remembers the first time she let him play around freely in the workshop and make something by himself. Sure it had blown up in his face, but he'd finally gotten a taste of creation, and it was /insatiable/. +

He'd tried to get Osamu into the potions aspect of magic since he was naturally gifted, more so than Atsumu even, but he was always more interested in physical magic. But watching sparkles of white energy crackle at the edge of Osamu's fingertips as he made a flower bloom just +

proved to Atsumu they still complimented each other in their abilities. Aiko took Atsumu on as her apprentice, and Osamu was taken under the wing of a powerful mage from the Suna family. +

Atsumu had created just as many, if not more, failures as successes in his five years of apprenticeship. +

Certain failures had granted him some interesting attributes, such as blonde hair, pointy ears like that of a pixie, and even glowing freckles, though that only happens when he gets flustered or stressed. +

Atsumu is 20 now, and he works in his mother's apothecary shop alongside her, selling medicines, elixirs, potions, and ingredients for spells. The people in town he does business with are friendly, and he knows everyone by name, even Osamu's suitor, who he's been trying to +

keep from him. Well, he does know everyone until a man, who can't be that much younger than Atsumu, walks into the shop stating he just moved here from the Capitol. +

He has sleek black curls, stunning dark eyes, and pretty moles strewn randomly along pale skin. The most striking, though, is a set dotted above his right eyebrow on his forehead, and oh shit, this man is speaking, and Atsumu hasn't heard a word he's said. +

"Are you slow? I asked if you have any balms that help joint pain," the man repeats with the beginnings of a scowl curling on his lips. +

Atsumu instantly wants to snap back with a snarky comment (it's the twin in him), but he refrains in favor of putting on a customer service smile. He leans against the counter, chin in his hands, as he servants the stranger further. +

He's wearing a velvet cloak of dark purple, a family crest Atsumu doesn't recognize, securing it to his frame. It's made of silver, and it displays a wand crossing with a sword. +

That's odd. It must be an old family crest considering most mages stopped practicing magic with wands when it became impractical. +

"I do, actually. Just made a fresh batch this mornin'." Atsumu grins as he pushes off the counter and consults the shelves of medicines behind him until he finds the one he wants. "The eucalyptus makes it smell strong, but I promise it works. just rub it into your skin where it +

hurts, and it should ease up the pain." Atsumu hands it over to the stranger, and he observes the tin carefully. "How much?" "Yer name?" The tips of Atsumu's ears flick, and the stranger's gaze tracks the movement. +

"Sakusa. Now, how much?" The man asks again as he regards Atsumu with a bored expression. Atsumu chuckles, grin finally turning genuine at Sakusa's apparent bluntness. +

"That a family name?" "How much?" "What brings ya ta little old Hyogo?" "How much." "Alright, Alright," Atsumu laughs as he holds up his hands in mock defense. "10 gold." "Huh, that's cheap," Sakusa mumbles to himself before leaving 20 gold on the counter and heading out. +

Atsumu tries to call him back, but Sakusa ignores him, and Atsumu scoffs with intrigue. This man sure is going to be interesting to figure out, Atsumu thinks as he deposits the coins into a box charmed with an anti-theft spell. +

Then the door swings open again, and in walks Suna Rintarou, son of Osamu's master and the aforementioned suitor from earlier. He's been learning how to wield magic since he could walk, and he's quickly earning traction as one of the most powerful mages in the country. +

"What was a Sakusa doing here?" He asks as he flicks a piece of brown hair out of his eyes. "/A/ Sakusa?" Atsumu raises an eyebrow as he reaches for the usual items Rintarou buys. +

"Uh, yeah?" Rintarou looks at Atsumu like he's grown another head, and he's only done that once, thank you very much. "They're literally the royal family. Are you stupid?" +

Atsumu short circuits, hand stalling on its way to grasp a vile of crushed up moonstones. His face heats, and he can see the extra light he's outputting. +

"I forgot you could do that," Rintarou laughs as he walks behind the counter and plucks everything himself. "I wish 'Samu glowed. He'd be much cuter." "We have the same face!" Atsumu bites back quickly, freckles flaring brighter. +

"Well, I'll just be on my way then." Rintarou starts making his way toward the door. "I'll pay for this later. I have to meet your brother for lunch." Atsumu can't even bring himself to chase Rintarou, knowing he won't pay later. He never does. +

And that's how Atsumu finds himself resisting the urge to glow when Sakusa comes in for his weekly visits to the shop. He'd done some digging after his conversation with Rintarou and discovered the Sakusa's are, in fact, the royal family. +

The current king and queen have three children, 2 boys and 1 girl—Akira, Haru, and Kiyoomi. However, Atsumu's still not sure which one his Sakusa is. "Miya, do you have any crushed-up rose petals?" Sakusa asks with fidgety fingers. +

He's forgone his usual purple cloak in favor of causal clothing, so his toned arms are on display which the man behind that counter has only seen twice before. Atsumu can't seem to stop his gaze from lowering before he can register Sakusa's request. Wait. Rose petals? +

Those are only usually used in two very specific spells—a glamor spell and a love tracker spell. Neither of which Atsumu could see Sakusa making. Maybe he just wants them for something non-magical? +

"Yeah, they're in the back. One sec, 'Kusa." Atsumu holds up one finger as he disappears before returning with a simple vile of crushed rose petals. Sakusa's eyes seem to sparkle, and he throws down a few coins before snatching the item and running out of the shop. +

Atsumu is left with his arm hovering in the air and a dumbfounded expression painted on his face. Okay then. That happened. He couldn't even ask what Sakusa was making before he bolted like a bat straight out of hell. +

All of Atsumu's questions are left violently unanswered until Sakusa comes in the next day. He places a piece of rose quartz on the counter, and the closer it gets to the blonde, the brighter it glows, pink light staining the wood. +

"I have to tell you something," Sakusa begins with reddened cheeks, and for the first time in Atsumu's life, he stays quiet as he listens. [Mage Atsumu and Prince Kiyoomi will return]

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