desi avocado 🥑 || whore arc (in theory only)

desi avocado 🥑 || whore arc (in theory only)



#sakuatsu cw:// nsfw! accidental nudes! atsumu wasn't too worried about sending sakusa a nude on a dare. he already knew that the man never opened his photos or videos, opting to just send a 👍emoji for a reply. he knew wrong.

no matter what he'd send omi-omi, be it cute cat pics or the darkest memes on reddit, the wing spiker would only send a thumbs up back like some sort of grandpa. it couldn't have been that sakusa didn't know how to download a fucking whatsapp pic. he must have been ignoring

atsumu's gracious, original, funny memes. and that atsumu doesn't bite his head off for the 'blue tick, no reply' situation, he send back a generic emoji. very sneaky, omi... but you can't escape atsumu's detective prowress!!!

well, this does work out in his favour. osamu had given him a dare. a very perverted, iniquitous dare that requires him to send his latest contact a nude. atsumu doesn't know where that guy gets his ideas from. (definitely suna)

and well, now here he is. a sent a very simple one, in his honest opinion. its atsumu on his knees, ass to the camera, face turned back so that his mischievous eyes are towards the recipent. his tongue is out, long and nasty. one of his hands support his torso on the bed,

but the another one reaches back to spread one red ass cheek apart, cum dribbling out of the loose hole. okay, maybe it was a tad too scandalous. it was originally sent to hinata after the guy had fucked him on the kitchen counter till he saw stars and went home

to cuddle up with his tobio. no, atsumu doesn't identify as a homewrecker, ssh. and tobio is too dumb to sniff him out, so. well, now he just had to wait for kiyoomi to reply with his trademark emoji so that he could forward the ss to osamu and shut up his

perverted brother's mouth. his phone dinged. he smirked. it was kiyoomi. but oh no, what's this he had replied? "you are such a dirty fucking whore, miya. coming in 10 min" atsumu's world shook.

so sakusa does download his memes and read them. his emojis weren't a display of snark or ironic wit, but rather a genuine response believed to be appropriate. and he had just sent sakusa a nude, and is now in immediate danger.

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