Nonsense. Quintus Curtius (1st century, roman historian) said when Alexander the Great confronted Porus, Porus's soldiers were carrying an image of of Herakles (Krishna) in their vanguard. The Greeks identified Krishna with Herakles, as was common in Indo-European civilizations.

According to Arrian, Diodorus & Strabo –– Megasthenes described an Indian called the Sourasenoi, who especially worshiped Herakles in their land, and this land had two great cities, Methora and Kleisobora, and a navigable river, the Jobares.

Sourasenoi here are the Shurasenas, branch of the Yadus Herakles is Krishna (c.f Hari-Krishna) Methora is Mathura, where Krishna was born Kleisbora is Krishnapura, the city of Krishna Jobares is the Yamuna, of course.

I understand Pakistan doesn't have it's own history and suffers from an identity crisis. don't steal our history. Sindhus, Saraswati, Arya, Vedic, Buddha, Jain. You have nothing to do with any of them as a Pakistani. A dog doesn't become a horse if born in a stable.

This the Heliodorus pillar, constructed in the mid 1st century BCE by it's namesake– an ambassador of the Greek King Antialcidas. The pillar contains inscriptions in Brahmī script about the worship of Vāsudeva by the Greek Bhagavata (devotee) Heliodorus. A convert, likely.

In addition, the pillar contains a verse from the Mahābhāratam. It was constructed around 150 BCE in present day Madhya Pradesh, India. "Three immortal precepts (footsteps)... when practiced lead to heaven: self-restraint, charity, consciousness"

Greek Ambassadors were worshipping Bhagvan Krishna 200 years before Christ was born & 700+ years before Muhammad was born. Krishna worship was widespread in the subcontinent.

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