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5 ways your poor sleep is killing you faster THREAD

It is estimated that close to 1 in 3 adults suffer from insomnia And this number jumps to 50-60% in older adults The consequences of all this are significant Because poor sleep puts you at risk for many health problems down the line

There are many ways poor sleep affects your health First off, insomnia prevents your brain from making new memories Your mind consolidates the experiences you’ve had in your day while you rest at night Not giving yourself the proper amount of shut-eye hijacks this process

You all have a memory inbox that stores these experiences Without good sleep Any new info gets bounced off Which causes a sort of “amnesia” effect You find it harder to remember what you did and learned the day before

Insomnia has also been shown to increase the presence of a toxic protein known as beta-amyloid The accumulate of this protein is believed to increase your odds of Alzheimer's disease Thankfully Your body has its own ways of dealing with this through the glymphatic system

Imagine your glymphatic system as a sewage system It takes whatever toxic junk is floating around and flushes it right out The kicker? It only works while you sleep Not enough sleep = Accumulation of toxic beta-amyloid proteins = cognitive problems down the line

Poor sleep also messes up your hormones Particularly testosterone Research shows that getting less than 6 hours of rest every night gives you the testosterone levels of someone 10 years your senior This means you age faster

Insomnia also destroys your immune system Research shows that 4-5 hours of sleep reduces Natural Killer cells by 70% These cells help fight off things like cancer and viruses Today It’s very well known that poor sleep dramatically increases your risk of prostate & breast

One important point I want to bring up is night shift work Staying awake throughout the night is one of the worst things you can do for your longevity They’re coming close to confirming that this habit is possibly carcinogenic Your immune system needs you to be asleep at night

Last but not least Poor sleep can seriously affect your heart Your blood pressure and heart rate drop while you sleep But when you’re not getting adequate rest You don’t get what is called a “cardiovascular reset” This means both these parameters stay higher than normal

Research shows that those of you who get 6 hours of sleep or less Increase your risk of heart attacks & strokes by 200%

Severe insomnia can be very dangerous Staying awake for longer than 19-20 hours can seriously affect your cognitive functions Almost as if you’re drunk Not sleeping for days will cause hallucinations and can even permanently damage your brain

Now You might be wondering: “How the hell can I sleep better and avoid all this?” Here are a few key things you can do to improve how you catch those Zs

1)Light environment You struggle to sleep because you pollute yourself with blue light And your screens are to blame Start your days by getting sun first thing in the morning and at sunset The infrared light synchronizes your body clock and helps recalibrate your sleep cycle

In the evening, try to keep the lights dim and wear blue light blockers with a reddish tinted lens A simple habit that gives you a noticeable improvement This also keeps your melatonin (sleep hormone) levels high so you can knock out easier

2) Supplements & herbs Quality sleep depends on your biochemistry Poor diets often mean you aren’t getting enough vitamins & minerals to produce the necessary brain chemicals to help you doze off There are many different options at your disposal

Here are a few of my favorite herbs and supplements: Magnesium glycinate Glycine Butterfly pea flower Blue lotus PharmaGABA L Theanine Phosphatidylserine

3) Exercise Many of you aren’t active enough You have all this energy built up inside of you When you don’t give it an outlet It comes back to haunt you when you’re trying to fall asleep at night

Find an activity you love to do Whether it’s lifting heavy weight Sprinting or running Going for long walks It doesn’t matter You need to move No matter what

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