SEX FROM BEHIND😋 (18+) No matter how religious you are, you should always learn a thing or two when it comes to sex edu. A THREAD😉

Do you like Anal sex?

Sweetie after missionary sex, Trust me when I say it's your responsibility to suck his dick while he gets ready for the next round. Babe this will reset & get ur man ready for round 2, don't underrate it! From licking👅: To deep-throating😩:

Suck on it gently. Very gently. wrap your lips around the tip and suck it gently 😋🤤 gently massage his balls using your tongue & ur hands, Softly “tickle” his testicles with the tips of ur fingers. Just give him a Good blow Job😈😋

1. HEAD DOWN ASS UP DOGGY 😈😋 Your girl’s ass is super accentuated right in ur face, giving u a fantastic view as you hit her pussy from behind. Deep & slow😈🤤: Pull out & eat:😋

Babe put ur head on your arms & spreads your legs apart so ur man can see how perfect your pussy is😋 Boy attach urself between those legs, & rests ur knees on the bed. Caress her ass & move em back and forth This will help u penetrate deeper & deeper into her hot tunnel😈😩

2. CLASSIC DOGGY Her legs should be spread wider than yours to make it easy for u to enter. Babe tell ur man to stay still while u fuck him very fast by moving ur ass back & forth. Boy please don't cum yet 🤤😋

Another thing u can do to enhance both you and the girl’s experience is to place your legs outside hers, and have hers tight together. This variation allows you to go much deeper and give your penis a much tighter sensation.🤤😋

3. PRONE BONE • Massage her breast from underneath • Kiss her back and neck region • Pull her hair gently Babe if you're experienced then it’s possible for you to move ur ass up and down well enough for some good penetrative action😩😋

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