#miyacest Older Osamu who feigns sleep even when he feels his shorts being pulled down to his thighs. He doesn’t flinch when small hands lube up his cock and his thighs being straddled. Samu just barely holds back a groan when he feels his cock head slide into young Atsu’s

stretched hole. He doesn’t need to open his eyes and see him because he knows how fucking naughty his baby brother is, how he uses Samu like a living dildo at night. He almost feels bad not helping the poor boy out, letting him bouncing on his big bro’s cock for hours straight.

But Atsu’s feeling so fucking good, feeling Osamu’s thick cock stretching him just the way he deserves and fuck if the man’s sleeping face doesn’t turn him on. He just needs a good dicking like the cockslut he is, but for now he’ll settle for using his brother’s body. So selfish.

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