#sakuatsu // nsfw, doctor kiyoomi, slight crack atsumu hated going to the hospital. he equates the hospital to injuries, sickness, stress or just bad things in general. however, his theory is proven to be wrong when he gets his prostate examined by dr. sakusa kiyoomi.

“okay sir. i’m going to be checking your rectal tone.” kiyoomi says behind atsumu, who was laying on his side on the examination table in a hospital gown, fully naked. “do what you gotta do, doc.” preferably, me, atsumu wanted to add as kiyoomi hikes the gown upwards.

“a-ah!” atsumu lets out a high pitched moan. there’s silence until kiyoomi reveals, “i haven’t started yet.” atsumu whips his head back at kiyoomi in horror, who quirks a brow as he’s putting his gloves on.

“i’m going in now.” kiyoomi says with that deep, velvety voice of his as he inserts a lubed, gloved finger inside atsumu. “how does that feel?” he asks. atsumu was tempted to ask him to wiggle his finger inside him, but answers instead, “it feels right, doc.”

“right.” kiyoomi repeats, making a move to pull out. “doc!” atsumu exclaims, catching him by surprise. “is there something you need, miya-san?” kiyoomi inquires, halfway out of atsumu’s crack. “uh,” atsumu says dumbly. “last night i accidentally sat on something.” “and?”

“and!” atsumu shuts his eyes to think. “i couldn’t feel it. in my prostate.” accidentally sat on something? prostate? a decade of being a general practitioner and yet it’s kiyoomi’s first time hearing such a case. “how can i help then?”

“maybe.. you could go again?” atsumu cranes his head towards him, batting his lashes. “i’m not sure.” kiyoomi walks to the trash bin to dispose of his gloves. “this is one for the big tools.” “big what?”

“feet on the ground, please.” kiyoomi instructs. albeit confused, atsumu sits up and complies, torso resting on the examination table as his bare feet are planted on the floor. “now what doc?” atsumu hears a belt being unbuckled, followed by a zip.

then there are a pair of hands on his shoulders. “doc?” atsumu looks back through his shoulder to see kiyoomi, mask pulled down to his chin as he grins. with wide eyes, atsumu gasps as kiyoomi slams into him without warning.

“one finger and you’re all loose already?” kiyoomi writes on his clipboard on the edge of the examination table. “interesting.” “wha- sir?” atsumu mewls as kiyoomi sets a torturously slow pace. “i.. i prepped myself before coming here.”

“is that so?” kiyoomi speeds up his thrusts and atsumu grips on the side of the table. “were you trying to find your prostate?” “yes.” atsumu pants out. “but i couldn’t find it, doc.” “oh, i see.” kiyoomi rolls his hips. “maybe i can help you.”

“god, yes!” atsumu cries out when kiyoomi hits the spot. “yer so.. so good at yer job doc.” pride swells in kiyoomi’s chest as he looks down on atsumu, bent over so prettily in the exam room for him, watching in awe at how atsumu’s hole swallows his cock so greedily.

“and you’re the ideal patient, miya-san.” kiyoomi leans down to whisper on his ear. “so cooperative.” a hard thrust. “such a good boy.” then another. “i am…” atsumu nods frantically, reaching down to touch himself as kiyoomi’s thrusts grow more forceful, chasing his orgasm.

kiyoomi comes inside him with a long groan, pulling his cock out in favor of thrusting his finger inside atsumu who keens, begging kiyoomi for more before he orgasms on the table. “felt it?” kiyoomi confirms, removing his fingers. “sure did, doc.”

kiyoomi rolls his eyes exasperatedly. “you couldn’t really wait until i got home?” “shut up,” atsumu crawls up to the table to lay bonelessly. “ya liked it.” “that’s not the point.” kiyoomi wipes atsumu clean with some sanitary wipes.

“you’re going to send me to an early retirement.” kiyoomi sighs, pecking atsumu’s forehead. “nooo, don’t.” atsumu protests. “i might get something stuck in my ass tomorrow.” “you might.” kiyoomi deadpans before shaking his head fondly. “come again when no one’s around.”

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