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I've completed 10 Ironmans and treated over 3000 patients over the past 10 years. Here's every fitness tip I could think of: 1) Kids will only move as much as their parents do.

2) Train your diaphragm. It is the most underrated and underutilized muscle you have. 3) Your core has little to do with your 6 pack muscles. 4) A focused 45 minute workout is more productive than 2 hours with no structure.

5) Establish full range of motion before you start building strength. 6) Weight train for your metabolism. 7) Do cardio for your mental health. 8) Walk for your longevity.

9) Running isn't bad for your knees. Weak hips, ankles, and feet are. 10) Repetitive movements (swimming, running, cycling) create imbalances. Single leg exercises are key to finding and addressing weaknesses. 11) You will stick with cardio if you find a version you enjoy.

12) Hard workouts and a shitty diet= High risk for injury 13) Fitness is mental. Talk positively about yourself and believe in your future success. 14) The best warmup is simple movement through the full range of motion.

15) Family walks after meals should be non negotiable. They improve insulin sensitivity, recovery from workouts, and overall mood. 16) Hydration starts the days before exercise not the morning of. 17) Rarely is the area of pain the source of your problem.

18) Leg day is the most important day for improving upper body strength. 19) Static stretching is best after activity and when held for >60 seconds. 20) Compete only against the guy in the mirror not the guy who has already been in the gym for 10 years.

21) Life is about overcoming resistance. No better way to learn this than through exercise. 22) Commit to exercise for 1 week. Stack a few early wins and it can snowball into life change. 23) Find a zero drop shoe with a wide toe box. Traditional shoes kill you feet.

24) Kids need to see their fathers willing to put themselves out there and compete. 25) A high protein diet isn't just for body builders. If you're breathing its for you. 26) Find your "why" and focus on it daily as you work back towards a healthy lifestyle.

27) Zone 2 training is where you build the engine for endurance sports. 28) Exercise 3-5x/week but move daily. 29) Sustainable fitness shouldn't feel like a burden. Keep it fun.

30) The cure for soreness after workouts is movement and hydration. 31) The don't need to deadlift 600 lbs but you need to work your posterior chain. 32) There is little benefit for running >3x/week. Skip a few runs and add in some resistance training.

33) Your back hurts because your gluts are weak and you sit too much. Start walking hourly and knock out some simple glut squeezes throughout the day. 34) Take your shoes off and walk outside more. Start with soft and uneven surfaces to strengthen your feet and ankles.

35) Find a workout partner to build accountability and disciple. Self motivation will often fail you.. 36) Give yourself margin to enjoy a day but never miss twice. 37) Your lifestyle promotes poor posture. Train your back twice as often as your chest.

38) Strength training is for all ages. 39) You don't need to do an Ironman but you need a date on the calendar. 40) Daily sunlight will improve your sleep, performance, and longevity. 41) Training with heart rate is the most effective way to train for endurance events.

42) Balance and stability are foundational to movement. Regardless of age you should be able to balance on one leg. If you can't start practicing. 43) Most people would be better off with more time under tension with less weight and a focus on good form..

44) The only preworkout you need is salt, a little caffeine, and some fruit. 45) Progressive overload is key for gaining strength. 46) You can never outwork a bad diet.

47) Heavy weight doesn't hurt people, bad form does. 48) Track all of your workouts to maximize your progress. 49) Some of the best workouts are done with simple body weight.

Fitness is about building a sustainable system that you enjoy and can stick with for life. Not everyone's is going to look the same but what's important is that you have one in the first place. Try new things, jump into competition, and explore what your body is capable of.

I hope you enjoyed reading this: If you learned something and found value in it, please retweet so others can learn as well. Follow me @chrisboettcher9 for more on taking control of your health and life.

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