Tonight's dreamboothing is about grenades πŸ’£(!). I made a #dreambooth finetune from a few Sci-Fi grenade illustrations. Explosive thread πŸ§΅πŸ‘‡ #AI #StableDiffusion

First, some random grenades, no specific adjectives.

But they look great in blue too!

Green + urban background

Or just military olive green, white background.

How about complementary colors. Purple + yellow ⬇️

Orange + blue + black steel

Green and red? Plus, the elongated "spray shape" is worth trying. Thanks, #img2img πŸ™

I was a bit less successful with more elaborated prompt engineering, but I'll keep pushing. "A soldier is holding a red grenade in his hand, HDR, 8K, realistic".

Some SciFi firefighter equipment?

More random trials.

If you like this thread, feel free to like/RT/comment, or follow. More experiments & feedback on the amazing #Dreambooth tech coming soon. @natanielruizg & his team rock :)

All this was quickly generated (10 minutes) using very simple prompts (e.g. β€œa blue grenade”). No more endless prompting with random, inconsistent results. Cut through the noise and get straight results with Dreambooth (and soon with us :)

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