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It's honestly so fricking cool hearing from all of you how these threads are being sent around internally at your funds. I feel so gratified hearing that these frameworks are helping, and it makes me incredibly motivated to deliver more! For those of you interested in Academy,

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE, first of all, but I hope this glimpse of content gives you a better understanding of the type of content we will be delivering. For every tweet, there's a lecture, a deck, multiple case study, and where applicable, a skills test & feedback session.

I'd guess I'm about 55% of the way through foundational content. If you haven't muted me yet, you must be a super-fan! Stay tuned for more. Modeling: Scratch Construction Modeling: Revenue Build Approaches

Modeling: 12 Common Buy-Side Approaches Research: Quick Dives Research: Stock Checklist Idea Machine: Overview Idea Machine: Idea Buckets

Earnings Season: Roadmap Management: Evaluating Management Management: Meeting Manual Execution: Tiger to Pod Approaches Portfolio Management: Factor Models

Resources: Buy-Side View on Good Sell-Sider Learning Curve: Learning a New Industry Learning Curve: Ramping a New Seat Talent: How to Break In

Talent: Talent Portal Talent: The Problem With Analyst Training The Life: A Hedge Fund Life The Life: Blowing up Your PM The Life: Tough Times Playbook

And how can we forget, @ParikPatelCFA stealing my wife:

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