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Alex Bernier



A list of useful stretches for those who sit all day. Do this routine before bed to calm your body and still your mind. This first one is usually the most painful yet relieving because the front of the leg/hip is a sitting tension hot spot. Hold for 30-60s per leg, repeat 3x.

The second stretch is for your groin. Those of you who cross your legs will feel this one. Keep your head high, chest opened, and breathe through your nose. Hold for 30-60s, repeat 3x

The third stretch is to open up your upper body after a long seated day with your arms held in front of you. Use a bench, table, or counter top. Hold for 30-60 seconds or do 10 reps, repeat 3x

This fourth stretch is for your arms and shoulders.

The fifth stretch is the Deep Squat, another excellent pose for your tight quads. I meet so many office workers who fail to hold this position.

The 6th stretch is a dynamic motion that feels amazing on the spine.

Remember that a stretch is not always the right solution to tightness. The muscle might be stiff because it is weak, and no amount of stretching will relieve the tension. Balance mobility and strength to ensure optimal results.

Hanging is always a great option if you can do it at home.

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