Apa | Eating at Horny-giri Miya

Apa | Eating at Horny-giri Miya



#miyacestober2022 Day 5 🦊 Gods/Deities // good old Christian guilt

Once a week the shame filled him to the brim. He was fine with their secret the rest of the time, happy and content, thrilled even. But each Sunday, dragged along with his parents to church he was consumed with guilt.

Each word out of the pastors mouth barely made it through his ears as he thought of all the devious acts they did the last week. He tried to focus on the message that week or even to ponder over the latest volleyball stats for the pro-leagues,

- but the intrusive thoughts squirrelled in regardless. It was as if his stomach had disappeared and a empty pit took its place when he thought about the dirty words whispered under the cover of their blankets,

- the way Atsumu had keened when he placed bruising kisses along his neck, and the blinding pleasure of sliding into Atsumu’s tight heat.

He was interrupted from his spiral by some movements to his right, Atsumu placed his hand on the bench between them and gave him a look from the corner of his eye.

Osamu knew that Atsumu had no such conflicted feelings about their affair. Sundays were any other day to him. It was just as likely for Atsumu to beg to be fucked today than the rest of the week.

He gave his least obvious withering glance to his brother who returned the look with a small but perfectly executed fluttering eye roll. While they normally took to physical displays of their feelings (from brawling to more enjoyable activities) like any other pair of siblings

- they had perfected the art of having a whole argument right under their parents’ noses. After an impatient strumming of Atsumu’s fingers on the bench, Osamu slowly allowed his hand to glide down into the space between them. Causally it lay a few inches from his brother’s.

The crossing the gulf between their hands sitting in the house of God was insurmountable to Osamu.

Atsumu made a low frustrated noise and crept his fingers over like a spider. Osamu had to keep from reacting as their father glanced at the boys before turning his focus back to the pastor.

Atsumu’s pinkie slipped into his and his face held a crooked smile. The guilt subsided in Atsumu’s warmth. The careful caress of the small finger against his own. A wave of tenderness wiped out his worries and he had to nibble on his lip to keep from smiling.

He looked to his brother and the way the light reflected off his golden hair. Osamu realised he had already found a new god. His own religious experience was to be found in the spaces between them. The mirrored push and pull of their bodies and the love woven among them.

He was absolved.

💗 end 💗

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