Jupiter moved into Aries yesterday and will be there until October 28th, where it'll then move back into Pisces. It'll re-enter Aries December 20th and will remain there until mid May 2023. A thread on what this means for us:

Wherever Jupiter is represents an archetype that we'll be asked to master or learn to embody. In Aries, we learn how to fight for self or fight for a greater cause. We learn new self defense techniques, survival strategies and new ways of conquering enemies (internal or external)

Aries is also about self awareness. When Jupiter was in Pisces (from 2021), we were focused on service to each other and learning the importance of compassion, even if it meant self sacrificing. The collective was leaning into the energy of Christ essentially. But,

now that Jupiter is in Aries, the attention is back on self. Its time to learn who you are all over again and reintroduce yourself to yourself. Jupiter in Pisces is about learning to let go, being okay with endings and discovering information about yourself that unknown/forgotten

When Jupiter is now in Aries, its about starting all over again and entering a new cycle of personal truths. Its all about using that new found knowledge instead of being unintentional about it. Aries is a practical, hands on, goal orientated energy. With Jupiter here,

you meed to be practical and intentional about what you know and proactively use it within your reality. Its the season for starting new projects, a new life path or a new academic course. Jupiter in pisces is where we received downloads about ourselves and the universe (cont)

Jupiter in aries is where we begin building the foundations that support the insights we've received. Its where we establish ourselves know that we've come into an understanding of our purpose. Chances are,

you've found out new information about your spiritual gifts and identity over the past year, and now with Jupiter in Aries, you've got to take the masculine approach in terms of mastery and application. What are you actively doing? What personal changes have you made ?

On a separate note, while jupiter was in Pisces, spiritual businesses, hospitals, heathcare or holistic services witnessed a booming in terms of demand or profit. The planet indicates where abundance can be found. With it in Aries, people stand to financially profit from :

sports/fitness, offering self defense classes (physical self defense or spiritual self defense), the sex work industry, trade of weaponry or machinery used within the engineering field. Security businesses, bouncers, bodyguards and armies will also benefit during this time.

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