#TuesdayAesthetics time! Sorry for the lack of posts, but there will be a special announcement at the end of this week's thread. Today, I'll be talking about context in music, and how VGM's subtle differences from commercially released music appeals to me.

So at first, I wasn't sure how I'd approach this. How would I separate VGM from... music? Would I call it music for the sake of music versus music created specifically for a certain context? And then I understood that the whole discussion on context is what I wanted to have.

Blue Wave Wonder would be a faux VGM album - that was one of the first thoughts I had during its planning phase. But since it would be a soundtrack to a game that doesn't exist, how would I be able to make it distinct in that special way that VGM is?

For example, take some of the music from the game 'Bomberman World', by Hironao Yamamoto and Jun Chikuma. What makes this different from other 90's jungle tracks? There's something but it's almost imperceptible. You can't help but notice it, though.

Or how about the Ridge Racer 4 soundtrack?

There may be a lot of variation in genre between the songs in an album of video game music, but there is a thread of context holding them together - that they were specifically made to be enjoyed within the context of a particular experience.

But the thing about this type of music, along with every other type of music, is that it can be enjoyed on its own, and that's what lead me to stop worrying about how I'd break up Blue Wave Wonder into genres and subgenres to make it easier to classify.

A VGM album may have songs ranging from bossa nova, 90's glam metal, DnB, jungle, house, and so on - but there are differences between such an album and a release from a commercial music label that set the two apart.

There is a magic to VGM, and that's what I want to capture in Blue Wave Wonder. Thanks for tuning into this week's #TuesdayAesthetics!

And now, special announcement time: this Thursday 12.09.19, I will be releasing two new songs from Blue Wave Wonder! They are: 'Tutorial' and 'Main Menu'. Get hyped!

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