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8 Things Your Video Setup Says About You ... and how to fix them In 100 milliseconds, people decide if they like & trust you. How you look on camera says everything.

1️⃣ Camera Angle When your camera looks down at you, it destroys your credibility. You put your audience in the role of your superior peering over your cubicle.

To establish more authority, lower your camera to chin height. 👉 *Design* how your viewer sees you. It matters a LOT.

2️⃣ Beige White Wall 90% of video is signaling. Showing intentionality. We associate the blank white wall with little effort.

Consider painting your wall. In @stephsmithio 's case, we chose gray paint + used RGB lights to play with color. There's so much you can do when you decide to be intentional.

@stephsmithio 3️⃣ Clumping Items Behind You Grouping decor behind your head makes your space feel smaller. Your audience will feel trapped + uncomfortable.

@stephsmithio 👉 Instead... fill up the frame. You’re a word-builder. Extend items off-camera to make your space feel larger. Create a home for your viewer beyond just what they can see.

@stephsmithio Here’s a 🧵 on background design

@stephsmithio 💡 Side Note - A common question we get: Q: “My space is tiny, can I still set up a nice studio?” A: “Absolutely. You can totally do it w camera lens magic, design & space-saving gear options.” I once set up a studio in a tiny closet to prove it 😜

@stephsmithio 4️⃣ Blocking Face with a Microphone Putting barriers between ourselves & our audience is a defensive gesture. (One I admit I do a lot with my hands as an anxious fidgety person) Yet this creates distance.

@stephsmithio Instead, place your mic to the side. Or better yet, use a shotgun mic to capture sound from out-of-frame. This is what we did with @jayclouse

@stephsmithio @jayclouse 5️⃣ Flat Frontal Lighting Let's do an experiment... Look at this mug shot. We associate this look with criminals and guilt. (Or in this case, good times with @nbcbrooklyn99 😜)

@stephsmithio @jayclouse @nbcbrooklyn99 look at the average zoom video. Enough said? 😂

@stephsmithio @jayclouse @nbcbrooklyn99 💡 Instead, use lighting to *create* depth, not remove it. Best way to do this? Move lights to your 1-2 o’clock position. 👉 Bonus: raise your lights higher for a softer, more flattering feel. I call this the "shampoo commercial" look 😁

6️⃣ Back-Lighting In the same way, we associate dark shadow silhouettes with villains... or the witness protection program. We can’t connect with faces we can’t see.

If we can’t see your face, we can’t build trust. Instead, sit w/your face toward the window. Or better yet, close the window & use lights. They’re more consistent. Your studio will be ready to look great at a moment’s notice. No more stress before getting on camera

If you’re curious, here’s how we made this setup 👆

7️⃣ Doors In Your Background People feel like they’re about to be interrupted. Like phones on the dinner table. This makes it harder to be fully present with you.

Try turning your desk around. This pulls viewer's eyes toward your face, not away. 👉 Make them feel you two are the only people in the world.

8️⃣ Warm vs Cold Lighting Lighting sets the mood. Imagine: ● a flickering fluorescent gas-station restroom ● a cozy ski lodge with a warm fireplace Where are you more open to connecting? Your lighting matters.

Lighting affects your viewer’s biochemistry. (Let that sink in 🤯) Harsh lighting elevates cortisol (stress hormone) It puts them in a defensive state. Their body is telling them “Keep some distance. Just get out alive”

The latter makes people open to connection. More willing to listen, to help, and to form bonds with others.

Having a home studio is game-changing For Zoom, Youtube, Podcast interviews, etc… If you need help building + designing yours, my team is here to help Your time's too valuable to struggle w/gear + decor all day 👉 Fill out this form. We’ll be in touch

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