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If you want a better life, read this;

Have you ever thought about what it takes to be successful? Luck and timing? Those things happen and are important. You get lucky when you have earned it. Same holds good for being at the right place at the right time. Cosmic shenanigans.

What about the things you have a hold on then? Stripped down to the bare bones, success is inevitable when you have a system. To have a functioning system, you need to have a balance with 3 things, ✅ Thoughts ✅ Emotions ✅ Action

To change your life you must begin with a change in thinking and mindset. If you want more out of life it is crucial that you get more out of yourself. To truly be a part of the ELITE, You must transform into a beast. I do not mean a chest thumping, hyper aggressive, caveman.

You need to be an integrated man, fully actualized and in tune with your thoughts and emotions. This is what will lead you to the right action at the right time. Look at the picture (Kaufman 2018) Journal of humanistic psychology. Where do you stand? What do you struggle with?

Your mindset determines how you perceive or interact with the world. It is the OS to your hardware. The distance between success and failure is bridged by having a mindset primed for growth. Growth + Abundance It's a novel thought process aimed at peak performance.

Think of mindset like a conversation & treat yourself like a treasured friend. Never candy coat truth, lie or be overly dramatic. Speak facts, cut out emotion. Rely only on yourself for validation. Never forget this, The world of men is built on competence.

Brother, perception is fluid. Your frame of mind is crucial. It is your perception of reality. It's based on your values and objectives. You become more resourceful everytime you reframe a problem. I have to pay rent in 25 days I'm broke.. Reframe, I have 25 days to make 2000$

Moving on, State of mind is as important as frame of mind. State is your mood or energy levels to tackle a problem. Lethargic, negative vibes is no joy. Loser shit. Always alert and optimistic. This has a lot to do with neurochemistry.

Exercise to remain energetic, have your nutrition on lock to improve gut brain axis, meditate to be in zen, supplement to fix brain chemistry. I talk about all of these in depth on my substack. Link at end of thread.

Simple technique to mastering state control : 👉🏼 Find a quiet place 👉🏼 Feel your energy 👉🏼 Create a sphere of state 👉🏼 Reinforcement

Find a quiet comfortable place and evaluate, what do I feel like? Now imagine a sphere. Inside the sphere is the state of mind you want to be in. Empowered, resourceful, invincible. Imagine walking into this sphere and absorbing all this energy. This is reinforcement.

Ration your attention. This is an ADHD society, distraction is endless. Loss of focus is disastrous. Focus 100% on the essential. Outsource the non essentials. When you feel distracted, engage in self talk. Return to the present. Take charge, disconnect, focus.

Ask these questions to stay on track : What do you want more of? What do you want less of? Does xyz bring you more of what you want? Does xyz bring you closer to what you want?

Remember, Mindset and Lifestyle are interlinked. Lifestyle is how you live. Diet, habits, relationships, outlook, social circle, finances. All of these contribute. Choose to engage with positive and life affirming individuals and activities. Drop negatives like hot coal.

What is your vision for greatness? What you see is what you get. What you visualize is powerful. It is an exercise in affirmation. Repeated positive affirmations create feedback loops that enhance performance.

Visualization isn't difficult. In fact most of you have already mastered it. ✅ Use all five senses to visualize. ✅ Make it specific else it's just daydreaming. ✅ Look where you're going not where you've been. Remember, You have to see it to want it bad enough.

Do this and see for yourself what you attract. Success will find you. Its really all about systems, mindset and consistency. I am here to teach you all of it.

If you want to optimize habits, quit addictions, gain clarity, build competence and find purpose. Join my substack. I guarantee to transform your life.

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