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I turned $50 into $100,000 with this psychology-powered sales strategy. THREAD: The Rule of Reciprocity (and how to implement it).

Hereโ€™s how I did it: An SEO prospect posted about his favorite activity. Saturday AM donuts with his daughter. To get a meeting, I sent a box of gourmet donuts with the following note: โ€œJim - Hope you & your daughter enjoy!โ€ An hour laterโ€ฆ

I received a thank you note & a calendar link. My gift was 1. Personalized 2. Meaningful And rewarded with undivided attention. After demonstrating value, he was in, and has paid over $100K in invoices. 199,000% return - not bad.

Let's break this down... The Rule of Reciprocity states: Humans feel obligated to return favors after receiving them. This is well documented by social phycologists.

Here's where it gets interesting... Reciprocity wields power from the human disdain for debt. Our brains are wired to immediately repay - we feel obligated. Great salespeople can leverage human nature to generate massive returns.

SIDENOTE: As with any powerful strategy - it can be misused. It's only ethical to use if the offer can provide return for the buyer.

Assuming strong ethics, these 4 tactics work best: 1. Gifting 2. Sharing 3. Free Education 4. Compliments More context & examples...

Gifting: Personalized & meaningful gifts demonstrate attention to detail and automatically endear a prospect. Gifts should be related to something outside of the workplace, ideally invoking nostalgia. EXAMPLE: Send a Yeti Tumbler with their alma mater logo on it.

Sharing: Providing resources to enhance the well-being of another creates a strong foundation for community & relationships. People love doing business with friends. EXAMPLE: Share valuable information, a meal, or any resource.

Free Education: The world's smartest give away their trade secrets for free via blogging & social media. Continuous free value creates buyers that are happy to pay when the time is right. EXAMPLE: Twitter account into paid newsletter.

Compliments: Everyone likes to feel useful. Heartfelt compliments have been proven to increase willingness to listen by 2x. Sometimes, they are valued more than cash! Being liked opens many doors. EXAMPLE: "Kathy, your ability to breakdown complex topics is inspiring".

What is the point of reciprocity? To provide enough value to be rewarded with time & attention. Closed deals must be earned with great & useful offers. But, with more opportunities, comes more success. If you want more success, start giving more.

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