Kamil Galeev

Kamil Galeev



On conspiracy theories Someone X. visited a mid size Russian city. Half a million population. He met with a few people including "the watcher" (смотрящий), the mafia boss controlling the situation in this city. X. can be described as a person widely known in the narrow circles

The mafia boss followed X. closely So when they met he told him: "Let's talk business. I know Freemasons secretly control everything. And I know you are one of them. How can I join you, guys?" X. denied his freemasonry. So the mafia boss got angry: "I knew you won't tell me!"

I find this case very illustrative. Low brow culture, low brow agenda, low brow intellectual concepts are often dismissed as "dumb" or "not serious". No, it's those who dismiss them who are really dumb. Because a lot of people with power and resources *actually believe in them*

The "watcher", a mafia boss of half a million size city has money. He has armed gangsters beneath him. He is a master of life and death of very many people. He controls a bis sector of shadow economy. And he genuinely, unironically believes that the world is run by the Freemasons

Now imagine you are a violent entrepreneur who earned his current wealth and status through a lot of bloodshed. And you know that the world is controlled by a secret society, and all the presidents and ministers are their puppets. You have only one question: "How can I join?"

Contempt and disinterest to anything "low brow" feels good. You can satisfy your ego by feeling smart. But actually you are acting dumb. These "stupid" ideas you don't care about shape the worldview of many people. Some of whom most likely have the power over you

It's quite likely that the worldview of some local intellectual may be more nuanced than "Freemasons/Lizards run everything". But this intellectual has no power and no resources. While a person who has power and resources does unironically believed in lizards Who's stupid then?

Low brow theories, low brow culture, low brow ideologies shape the worldview of very, very many people. You may laugh over them, claiming that these ideas are shared only by a few basement dwellers who can't do anything. No "serious" person believes in it But how do you know it?

Consider "Sputnik and Pogrom", the most influential Russian nationalist media of the Putin's era. When I mentioned it, tons of commenters started denying it. They claimed they have no influence, who reads them apart from the few basement dwellers But that's a lie

It was Chubais who run the privatisation reform that created the Russian oligarchy. This liberal economist from St Petersburg organised the chain migration of the Sobchak team including Vladimir Putin to Kremlin. He is one of the main (if not *the* main) creators of modern Russia

If a person of such influence as Chubais is privately advertising the radical nationalist media, may be Sputnik and Pogrom is not that irrelevant, dumb or inconsequential as you claim. May be it's you who are dumb. Because you refuse to recognise the unpleasant reality. The end

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