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Threads are the most powerful way to grow as a writer. That’s why in the past 4 months I’ve posted 47 (and gained 8363 followers). Here’s a breakdown of my framework TEACH – to help you write great threads your audience loves to read:

My first threads sucked. I’d spend hours writing only to get 10 likes. It was depressing and demotivating. They felt like a waste of time. Turns out there's a skill to threads. After studying the pros and applying the principles, this framework is the result:

T= Topic If there’s one idea to take away from this thread, it’s this: Stick to one topic. Seriously. Specificity is the secret. A thread that drifts between points will not get shared. It’s tempting to write your odyssey – but this is Twitter. Write for the platform.

These style of threads generally do well: • Listicle (X reasons etc) • Collation (books, experts, quotes) • How-to /frameworks (like this one) • Story (experiences, mistakes, failures)

E=Emotion You write to inspire action – and action stems from emotion, not logic. Too many threads are boring information dumps. @shaanvp’s advice? Decide what emotion you’re aiming for BEFORE you write. Here’s his list:

@ShaanVP ‘Viral’ emotions include: • LOL – that’s so funny • WTF – that pisses me off • AWW – that’s so cute • WOW – That’s amazing • NSFW – that’s crazy • OHHH – now I get it • FINALLY – someone said it • YAY – that’s great news.

@ShaanVP A= Action Now you know the emotion, decide the action. It could be to read a book. Or change their habits. Or build a business. Or write more threads (like this one). But I guarantee one truth:

@ShaanVP If your thread has no reason to act, you’ve wasted your time. People WANT content that improves their life. Not just casual observation, but actionable advice. Value. Solutions. There’s a reason people like @grammarhippy grow rapidly. Each thread has useful takeaways.

@ShaanVP @GrammarHippy C= Context Content without context is noise. People don’t want to hear it. They want your experiences. Your credibility. What makes you unique. If you don’t have context – don’t write it. But the good news? You rarely don’t. It’s all about framing 👇

@ShaanVP @GrammarHippy You want to establish why people should listen. Instead of: “10 tips to become a better copywriter” You write: “3 months ago, I set out to learn copywriting. Here’re the 10 best ideas from experts to instantly upgrade your copy" This is powerful for 2 reasons:

@ShaanVP @GrammarHippy 1. A lack of experience becomes your credibility You don’t need to be an expert to have something worth saying. People want guides, not gurus. 2. Your content forms your story And storytelling is powerful. It invites your audience for the journey. Which leads nicely to H:

@ShaanVP @GrammarHippy H = Hero A lesson I wish I knew 1 year ago: You are not the hero of your story. Your reader is. If you can make each thread fit into the hero’s journey story format, it holds deep psychological appeal. How?

@ShaanVP @GrammarHippy The Hero’s Journey: X wants to DESIRE, but PROBLEM, which means DEEPER PROBLEM that may cause FAILURE. GUIDE (you) gives PLAN (topic) that lets X achieve DESIRE and TRANSFORMATION. For today’s thread 👇

@ShaanVP @GrammarHippy Twitter doesn't allow for bloat. But a couple of lines to show HOW your thread fits into your reader's story is powerful. Why? You bring hope. You solve a problem. You offer transformation. And your audience loves you for it. Read this thread again. See how I’ve used it.

@ShaanVP @GrammarHippy So there you have it. Before you write, plan what you'll TEACH. Some threads will flop. Most do ok. Some blow you away. That's the nature of writing. But commit to volume and I guarantee you won't regret it. Thanks for reading.

@ShaanVP @GrammarHippy If you want to improve your writing and storytelling, drop me a follow @itskierandrew. And if you enjoyed this, I'd appreciate it if you shared it. Just click below and up you go.

P.S. Writing threads is one thing... working out what to write about is another. That's why I've written a guide to help you define your niche differently and get started creating great content. It's free. It's quick. It's awesome (if I say so myself).

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