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10 simple tips to help start your crypto journey. Turn your life around in 45 minutes of work per day. // THREAD //

1. Stop counting on motivation. You're going to have to play the long game to win in crypto. Motivation is a temporary little spark. What you need is an everlasting fire to push you through. If crypto in 2022 was 'easy' literally everyone would be winning. Let's go!!

2. Understand WHY you want it. To me crypto isn't about the money. This is about freedom. Freedom to build and create what I want. Freedom to not be coerced/governed. Freedom to own my time. That is my WHY. What is yours? If it doesn't fuel you, tweak your 'why'.

3. Stop f*cking around. You spend 2 hours a day watching Netflix. You play NBA 2K with the homies. You watch every Lakers game. No one is going to come save us. No one is going to come save YOU. Understand that and get serious about your future. Here's how:

4. 15 mins/day on Youtube. Just be careful with what/who you consume. MOST influencers are just trying to 'promote' coins they have invested in. Watch guys like @invest_answers, @coinbureau, @intocryptoverse to get started. Write down terms you don't understand.

5. 15 mins/day on Twitter. Similar to the YouTubers, there's a lot of shady micro-influencers looking to dump their bags on their followers. Here's some of the @0xsash approved list: - @Route2FI - @FiftySatFinance - @twobitidiot - @StephenWealthy_ - @milesdeutscher

6. 15 mins/day to dig deeper. Take note of things you didn't understand and either search in Google or youtube to find content to explain the concepts. Read it once. Read it twice. Rinse and repeat.

7. Apply what you learn. Look, don't be like EVERYONE else out there. You know what everyone else does? They get addicted to reading books, and learning new things. But guess what? No one does anything with that information. It only becomes 'expertise' when you apply it!

So, every day spend a little time learning just ONE thing you read or learned that day. - Create your first Metamask wallet. - Open an account on an exchange like @coinbase - Stake your first crypto coins - Mine your first ETH - Buy your first NFT Just APPLY what you learn.

8. Only invest in what you understand I get it. Everyone around has made 123 million dollars in 2021. But still, I want you to resist the FOMO. The rule is: do not invest in anything you don't understand yet. Once you studied it, first 'practice' with literally 1 dollar!

9. Learn from those around you. You are what you consume. Not just content, but also your friends. Make sure to find your tribe. @FiftySatFinance and I created a premium community to help beginners navigate crypto, feel safe and 'hold their hand' at first.

The Decrypting Crypto community is that safe space we wished we had back when we started. Not only do we help our members get their 1st crypto wins, we help them not get scammed. (Price going up to $28.99 on 1/17. Get in now!)

10. Understand we're early. The cost of being early: - very high risk - extreme volatility - terrible user experiences for the most part The rewards of being early: - you're a vet by the time crypto goes mainstream - disproportionate rewards - the envy of friends/family

BONUS TIP 11. Respect the fundamentals. Don't spend cash you can't lose Learn from every single mistake Accept that it's extremely risky Always do your own research Look at project fundamentals Get good at seeing red flags Build connections

RECAP: - Crypto is a mindset game - Understand why you want it - Create a daily routine to level up - You are what you consume - Find your crypto tribe

Thanks a million for reading guys. Please retweet the 1st tweet above so others can hopefully get some value from it as well. Follow me at @0xsash for more! Appreciate you all. Sash

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