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1/12 Tired of missing important announcements on Discord? Do you want a way to track all announcements, including any specific non-announcement channels, all in one tab? Read the short thread 🧡 below to find out how to make your life so much easier as an alfa hunter:

2/12 Before I get into what tool this is, I will share an old thread that I posted a while ago to feature some other really cool plug-ins Note: ShowHiddenChannels was recently removed but you can get it back here

3/12 In order to use these tools, you must first download the BetterDiscord app found at I have been told using this tool is against Discord's TOS, however, there are over 15m+ users and this tool has been a thing for years. DYOR.

4/12 Once on the site, click the Plugins tab on the top and search for the tool 'ChannelTabs'and select download. You may also download many other useful plugins that will make your life easier.

5/12 Once you have BetterDiscord downloaded, and have downloaded your favorite plugins, you should see a BetterDiscord list of settings when you go to User Settings and scroll down to the bottom.

6/12 Select 'Plugins' and place those downloaded plugins into the Plugins Folder. This will automatically install them for you and prompt you to install any other necessary plugins. Once done, your plugins should show and allow you to turn on/off, reload, and see the settings.

7/12 Once ChannelTabs is enabled, you should see a windows-esque bar on the top which allows you to keep tabs open of multiple Discord channels that you can easily swap to with the click of a button. But this tool goes far beyond just opening tabs of different channels.

8/12 Right click the bottom portion of your top bar and select 'Create a new group...' to create a folder where you will favorite your opened tabs and organize them in a folder. This works for all channels not just announcement channels!

9/12 After creating a new group, you can now right click your opened channel tabs and 'Add to Favorites' which will place them on the bottom bar next to your new folder. Right click the favorited channel and select 'Move To...' and select the appropriate folder created.

10/12 You can now keep track of all messages sent in specific channels across all servers you are a part of so you will never miss another announcement, message, or role. Note: Favorited a general chat and placed in folder just to show this can be done for any specific channel

11/12 Finding alfa and early information is only one small part of the battle. Keeping track of important dates and updates can be equally as important. Many of us will find things far too early and miss the launch entirely. Use these tools to make your life a whole lot easier.

12/12 If you liked this thread, like, share, retweet, and send it to your grandma. If it gets enough love, I will start threading more. More alfa can be found in the @AlfaDAO_ Discord 🐍

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