Manuj Jindal

Manuj Jindal



Polity is probably the most important subject for UPSC. Good no. of Qs from polity come both in prelims and mains. It is also highly scoring. I always tried to get 90% plus questions correct from the polity section in prelims. A 4 page thread to absolutely master Polity ๐Ÿงต:

1. Basics: Sources, when to start, how much time to dedicate, how prelims Qs are different from Mains and what's the importance of mocks and PYQs

2. How to read and master Laxmikanth Note: don't read it chronologically but in this order I suggest. It will be more contextual when you read like this, and easier to even remember and understand...

3. How to read Laxmikant continued. Historical background, and making of the constitution which are the first chapters should be read last!

4. Key focus areas and answer writing.

5. Finally, don't forget reading the gem of a book that is 'Constitution at Work' -- NCERT class XI text before reading Laxmikanth. It will really set your fundamentals straight on polity! Only after reading this book go to Laxmikanth...

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