John Cantrell

John Cantrell



I’ve been studying Bitcoin for a decade. I distill what I've learned into threads that explain Bitcoin using simple language. I’ve covered the lightning network, supply schedule, mining, game theory, difficulty adjustment, proof of work, keys, utxos, htlcs, and so much more 👇

Onboarding 7.753 Billion People to Lightning

Bitcoin Game Theory

Solo Mining

Supply Schedule

12 vs 24 Word Mnemonic Security

Satoshi's hidden message

Trade-Off between scalability and decentralization

What is Money?

Difficulty Adjustment

Lightning Network Explained

Bitcoin Transaction Fees

Mining and Proof of Work

Lightning Network Incentives


UTXO Management


Private Keys

Lightning HTLCs

Valuing Bitcoin

Submarine Swaps

BIP-39 Mnemonics

Bitcoin Improvement Proposals

Why Bitcoin

Seeds vs Private Keys

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