Alex Berman 🦈, Cold Email, Taplio

Alex Berman 🦈, Cold Email, Taplio



5 steps to make your 1st dollar with no experience: (And scale it to $10k/mo)

You’ll be selling a service that’s: -Cheap -In high demand (easy to sell) -Easy to fulfill For example: Social media management for local restaurants Don’t worry, we’ll fire them later. Right now, you just have to make your 1st dollar.

Step 1: Make an offer Social Media Management Trial 1 Week: 1 IG, Twitter and FB post each The owner can approve all posts before posting $50 for trial

Step 2: Approaches Go to the business street in your town, around 2 p.m. on a Wednesday The owner will be free to talk Walk up to the receptionist. Ask for the owner. Pitch your service: “I manage social media for restaurants, wanted to see if you want more customers”

Step 3: Repeat 30 times You’ll get kicked out the 1st time. You’re new at this. Stop only when you get the $50. Don’t go to chains. Go to individual restaurants.

Step 4: Outsource the work to fiverr Go to [and find a good social media post writer Should be highly reviewed with a lot of purchases Buy the posts from them

Step 5: Deliver Send the posts to the restaurant owner Collect any final payment via cash or PayPal It’s that simple. Don’t overcomplicate it.

Congrats! You have made your first dollar. Now, how to take your agency to $10k/mo? First, create a no-brainer offer:

Next, select a niche with: -High ticket clients ($5-$150 million in revenue) -Easy to get in touch with (inbox) -Something you have experience in

Validate your niche: 1) Get a case study (borrow or from restaurant owner) 2) Write and send 100 personalized emails 3) Review the results: Do the clients want what you’re selling? 4) If you at least booked 1 meeting, that’s your business. Or go back to step 1

Once you have a meeting booked: -Go through the qualification call -Present your no-brainer offer -Close the deal -Fulfill via Upwork or partner agency

What if they don’t close? -Increase the deliverables -Reduce their risk (money back guarantee) -Down sell to a starting level service (lesser deliverables) Avoid discounts or special treatment. Your time is too valuable for that.

PS: Want to generate high-quality leads and close 6 figure deals? Join Email 10K Ultimate You’ll learn how we: -Book meetings -Create offers that sell -Close 6 figure deals -Outsource fulfillment while maintaining quality and much more

You’ll also have access to: -Courses worth $5787 -Cold email scripts -Weekly group coaching -Exclusive private community Price increase by $50/month starting 29th August EST

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