30 Trading Models - Thread

Model 1 - FVG x Liquidity scalping (short) - H1 fvg - is the htf sponsorship we are looking for - Price MUST sweep a swing high going into the h1 fvg on minimum m15 timeframe - Then wait for m1 bms/sms with fvg and short with stop behind the fvg high. Example

Model 2 - m1 continuation scalps (buy) - Define the trend for the session - Seek out areas of liquidity opposing the defined trend - Wait for price to trade below the liquidity marked - Then look for sms/bms and a formed fvg. - Place buy at the open of fvg, stops below the low.

Model 3 - ICT Classic sell/buy day (sell) - Trading days: Tues,Wed,Thurs - Session: London 02:00 - 05:00 - Criteria: bsl pool, fvg, ob/breaker, prem/disc - London forms HOD/LOD 70% of the time use this to your advantage.

Model 4 - London Lunch Retracement (buy) - Trading days : All - Session: London Lunch - 10:00 -12:00am - Criteria: HOD formed, bms, ote - Wait for London to set low of the day. Then mark the most recent price swing and pair ote with a pd array.

Model 5 - OSOK (sell) - Trading days : Mon, Tues, Wed - Session: London - 02:00 - 05:00 - Criteria: HOTW formed, buyside liquidity swept, sellside liquidity target - Determine weekly candle close (bearish). Seek hotw to form on the first three days. Sells during London for hotd.

Model 6 - m5 continuation liquidity grab - Trading days : All - Session: All - Criteria: m5 swing high swept but not closed above, break of structure, fvg. - Simple model, look for m5 sweep but close back within the range for optimal probabilities.

Model 7 - The @GirthyRibz Special (buy) - Trading Days: All - Sessions: All - Criteria: Look for a range to build above a htf poi, price wicks below the range into the poi then trade back within the range showing rejection, after than seek the pd array and take long.

Model 8 - The @theMMXMtrader silver bullet special (sell) Trading Days - All Session - All Criteria - HTF PD array met, seek the original consolidation of the move, wait for the low risk sell, distribution then enter on the redistribution paired with fvg.

Model 9 - Inducement Play Trading Days - All Sessions - All Criteria - Have a defined trend look for price to create a turning point provide a pullback below a pd array then continue bearish, then wait for a pullback above the newly formed liquidity into the pd array and short.

Model 10 - 3 drives pattern (sell) Trading Days - All Sessions - All Criteria - Have a htf pd array in mind and look for price to make 3 highs into it, then wait for bos fvg and short it

Model 11 - Internal to External (buy) Trading Days - All Sessions - All Criteria - Mark up the current dealing range in price and the overall direction, seek for price to trade into discount of the leg and then wait for an fvg to form after bms to take long, target at the high.

Model 12 - External to Internal (buy) Trading Days - All Sessions - All Criteria - Seek the range highs/lows and wait for the raid then look for price to trade back within the range with displacement indicating it wants to trade to opposing pd arrays in prem/disc of the range.

Model 13 - The Gap fill (Credit: @Tradesdontlie ) -Trading Days: Days after gaps form -Sessions: AM and PM -Criteria: Seek for a gap to form and then using that gap we can either trade towards it or wait for it to be filled and trade away from it.

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