Apa | Eating at Horny-giri Miya

Apa | Eating at Horny-giri Miya



#miyacestober2022 Day 15 🦊 Fated

Osamu blamed it all on the hat. Atsumu didn’t have a game that day so he had a chance to do his hair and dress up for the date. Osamu, however, came straight from work. It was a miracle they had time together at all with all that was going on with the restaurant.

When they met at the train station Atsumu even made fun of him because he had his work pants and a simple white undershirt (a clean one at least) and his Onigiri Miya hat.

“Free marketing?” Atsumu joked, leaning in to bop his head lightly against the bill. A lesser mimicry of the kiss he wanted to give.

“Fine,” Osamu laughed and whipped the hat off. He turned it around and placed it back on his head, now with the brim facing backward.

Atsumu grinned up at him and looked golden and youthful, like the main lead in a movie about young love in a small town. Osamu bumped his hand against Atsumu’s in a small display of affection. They set off.

The festival was colorful and lively, they zipped from booth to booth trying all kinds of snacks, competing in games for worthless prizes, and looking at shiny trinkets.

They came across a stall for a Fortune Teller, Atsumu gasped and Osamu knew he had no choice but to suggest they try it. One by one they stepped into the tiny space through a curtain of beads, a woman adorned in fabrics of all sorts sat at a table.

She invited them to sit in a mysterious voice. Incense filled the air. “Now what do you want to know?” Her dark eyes roamed across the two of them, noting how closely they sat and their different demeanors.

Atsumu gave Osamu a shy look through his lashes before turning to the woman, “I want to know about love.” Osamu poorly schooled his grimace at his brother's comment, what was that supposed to mean? They had been together for years and Osamu wasn’t planning to go anywhere.

The women studied them both for a moment, “Ah, yes the most important question of life, love. I can read from the pair of you an unbreakable bond. What we can call a fated love!” Atsumu leaned forward as the women spoke, every word like candy to him.

Osamu meanwhile grew further suspicious of the woman, because really if she was communicating with some higher power wouldn't she know they were /twins/? Did he really look so different from Atsumu with a hat on?

The woman blathered on about how they needed to trust each other and communicate as if that wasn’t just generic relationship advice. With each useless nugget, Atsumu grew more enthusiastic and asked for more details.

Osamu always figured the fair was a bit of a money pit but this was so blatant. Eventually, their 15 minutes were up and Osamu silently paid the bill. All the while Atsumu’s arm was linked with Osamu’s and his face held a huge record-breaking smile.

They exited back out to the glowing lights of the fair, and even with all the hustle around Atsumu’s arm never left Osamu’s, “Did ya hear? We are meant to be!” All of Osamu's cynicism melted away, his heart grew warm and he cracked a small smile, “Yeah, we are aren’t we?”


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