Spartan Psyche

Spartan Psyche



Do you think you are a Saint or a sinner? Read this :

The most notorious faces of vice are the Seven Deadly Sins. ➊ Pride ➋ Envy ➌ Wrath ➍ Sloth ➎ Greed ➏ Gluttony ➐ Lust. Centuries old, found in literature theology and religion. Ancients foes of man. Corrupting mankind through ages. Defeat them or be left with regret.

1) Wrath - The Dragon All Sins kill, but Wrath is the deadliest. The king of all Sins. When you are possessed by wrath, The activity of the sympathetic nervous system intensifies The heart races, adrenaline flows. Rational thinking takes a back seat. Emotion drives you.

Wrath is a desire to avenge. Anger is not inherently evil. Righteous anger helps us correct injustice. Anger is wrong when directed at something that is not unjust and disproportionate to the severity of the crime. Forgiveness, mercy and control is how to tame wrath.

2) Pride - The Lion Pride, is a human universal. Considered by psychology to be an emotion. Darwin categorised it as a ‘complex emotion’. It signals to others that we are deserving of status. Two types, ➼ Hubristic pride ➼ Authentic pride

Hubristic pride causes all kinds of problematic personality traits Aggression, antisocial, anxiety, shame and narcissism. Demands status without genuine achievement. Authentic pride focuses on genuine accomplishments Directly promotes empathy. Aim for authenticity always

3) Envy - The Snake Sorrow which one entertains at another’s well-being We are sad that something good is happening to someone else. Envy is a very lonely sin. Focuses only on the self. Leads one to deep misery. Feelings of inferiority and resentment towards others.

When we feel jealous, we feel fear and anxiety about a possible loss. Suspiciousness and anger over possible betrayal. Kindness and a desire for good things to come to other people is the only cure Grow charity in your heart for everyone around you, even if you do not benefit.

4) Greed - The Fox Pursuit of wealth and power is part of human nature. When people particularly prioritise materialistic values they are likely to be greedy It is further compounded by living in a culture that impresses the idea that excess wealth is a must to be happy.

Greed can be tackled by confronting its two main causes, ➼ Competitive culture ➼ Psychological insecurity Wealth and possessions are tools to provide for our needs A means to provide for others. Enjoy them whilst staying detached.

5) Gluttony - The Boar Gluttony is the excessive indulgence in food and drink. In moderation it is invaluable to survival. In excess it is a quick ride to disease and death It is the woeful lack of temperance born out of poor character. Leads to changes in dopamine pathways.

Eat to nourish your body. Strengthen your muscles, sharpen your minds. There is no upside to being a glutton. The benefits of moderation in eating are manifold No unpleasant sensation of being overly full, No unpleasant aftereffects.

6) Sloth - The Bear Sloth is intrinsic laziness. The slothful person does everything with reluctance, assuming they do anything at all. Sloth reflects a lack of motivation, ambition and life energy. A lack of drive to obtain a potential reward - task avoidance.

To overcome sloth, ➼ Make manageable goals ➼ Perseverance not perfection ➼ Positive self talk ➼ Play to your strengths ➼ Celebrate your success ➼ Avoid distraction ➼ Ask for help when needed ➼ Enjoy the process

7) Lust - The Goat Lust is the inordinate craving for carnal pleasure. Sexual desire is not sinful. It is the essence of life It is nature itself Acting out beyond what is lawful is the vice. One must love his carnal desires as a lover, not obey them like a slave.

Suppressing them completely is both not advisable and not possible. We must control rather than remove, through the virtue of restraint. Lust leads to eternal life in the sense that you’re spreading your seed on into eternity. Focus on a moderate healthy approach to sex.

On your journey to conquer life you will have to face and tame all of these sins. You will win some battles and lose a few but you keep pushing forward.

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