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Igor Sushko



🧵My translation of the 19th #FSBletters from the #WindofChange inside the FSB to Vladimir Osechkin. Dated: April 29. Topic: More on the #Transnistria false-flag terror attacks against civilians for May celebrations & upcoming military planes masquerading as "humanitarian."

This is an immediate follow-up to the 18th #FSBletters, so please read that first:

As always, my comments for clarification are in (parenthesis). #WindofChange's parenthesis are in [brackets]. So, let's roll:

"I ask you to publish my information from yesterday about Transnistria - I have to say that so far there are more and more confirmations of (Russian false-flag) terrorist acts being prepared there.

The planning and execution are being carried out by the GRU dumbasses, and this will almost certainly mean a hatchet job with lots of casualties. (GRU is Russian Foreign Military Intelligence.)

The leadership (in Russia) must understand that the plan for terrorist attacks in Transnistria CANNOT give them the intended result.

The operational purpose of the (Russian false-flag) attacks, besides everything else - is to send "humanitarian rescue operation" planes to Transnistria (from Russia), which should block the risks of such planes getting shot down by Romanian or Ukrainian air defenses

[in case they get shot down, it could allow for a possibility to enter a new stage of weapons use, that is, untie the hands of unconventional methods]. (Note: #WindofChange *does not* mean nuclear weapons.)

Thus, the bloody terrorist acts against civilians should unblock the air corridor to Transnistria and allow for offensive actions from there. (The “humanitarian” planes Russia intends to send will be military equipment & soldiers to be used in war.)

As a result, we have all the risks of getting into a hot conflict with NATO, expand the geography of the conflict, and spice it up with a senseless, large-scale terrorist attack against civilians.

P.S. If someone had just decided to write off the (military) warehouses (in Transnistria) waiting for an audit by setting them on fire, quite probably, it would not have been disclosed.” (by #WindofChange to us through these #FSBletters.)

(END OF TRANSLATION of the 19th #FSBletters from the #WindofChange)

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