Apa | Eating at Horny-giri Miya

Apa | Eating at Horny-giri Miya



#miyacestober2022 Day 13 🦊 Us Against the World // fem twins, miyasakusa

Court was difficult, even more so for ladies. Their parents had been quite disappointed to be without a son to inherit the land and titles. Squabbling broke out among the various cousins but the twins paid no mind. They had grander goals.

King Sakusa was an efficient but dispassionate leader. But behind closed doors, the Miyas knew better.

“Fuck,” his head whipped back into the plush pillows of his opulent bed. The black curls a dark halo around his head.

Osamu grinned from her spot tucked beneath one of his knees, her twin crouching beneath the other. Atsumu’s hands were clasped tight around Sakusa’s dripping length. Osamu meanwhile had two fingers dipped into his ass, reaching again for the spot that made him lose all senses.

They worked in tandem to make him moan and cry. Atsumu lightly shoved Osamu away and climbed on top of Sakusa. Her body wound hypnoticaly with each thrust. Osamu made her way to his head and cradled it gently, she leaned over him to whisper filth into his ears.

“Don’t Atsumu’s tits look amazing from here? Look at her working so hard, all for you,” she licked her way into his mouth for a kiss that was all tongue. Her hands danced across his chest to pinch and tease at the nipples while her sister kept a relentless pace.

Sakusa was getting close, his usually keen eyes were foggy and unfocused. Before he could reach his final climax Osamu reached between the two of them and gripped him firmly. “Ah, ah, my King, we can’t have dear Atsumu getting pregnant unwed can we?”

Atsumu obediently removed herself from atop the king but made a fuss about needing to cum. Osamu quickly hustled over and unceremoniously put her face between her sister's thighs and got to work. She could feel Atumus reaching out to Sakusa above her. Just as planned.

Osamu knew any day now he would propose marriage to Atsumu. It wouldn’t be long until they wormed their way into his house, they were already in his bed after all. 💖end💖

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