Sandra | writing jail

Sandra | writing jail



#sakuatsu | cw: nsfw, blowjob, facials For @kissomiass because of our spicy dms Atsumu's on a phone call with his twin. The blonde was bragging about his last game to Osamu. Kiyoomi was sitting on the couch, scrolling through his own phone.

Kiyoomi turned his head to observe his boyfriend. He watched how Atsumu's lips moved with every word that came out of his mouth. He'd always been fascinated with Atsumu's mouth.

Getting an idea, he got up and walked over to him, getting behind him and slowly leaving kisses on his neck. Atsumu froze and his words stutter. You could hear the person at the other end of the line ask if he was okay. "Y-yeah I'm fine." Atsumu managed to reply.

Kiyoomi continued with his ministrations. After a while, he put his hands on Atsumu's shoulders, slowly pushing the man down to his knees. Atsumu looked up at him instantly, looking slightly confused. He was still on the phone but it was clear the blonde was now distracted

Kiyoomi smirked and unbuttoned the top of his pants before slowly unzipping it. Before Atsumu had a chance to speak, he grabbed the phone out of his hands and put it to his own ear. "Sorry he's a little busy. He'll call later." He said before placing the phone on the couch.

Atsumu gawked at the curly haired man. "Omi wha-" He never got to finish his sentence because Kiyoomi had taken his cock out of his pants and lightly tapped Atsumu's cheek with the tip of his cock. "Suck." He simply said, his voice low and firm.

Atsumu wasted no time in placing his hand around the base of Kiyoomi's cock. He started off slow and teasing, giving kitten licks to the tip only. But soon after, Kiyoomi grabbed his hair and thrusted his hips forward.

Atsumu got the hint and started properly sucking on him, his eyes looked up to meet Kiyoomi's. He hollowed out his cheeks as he continued sucking. Small moans could be heard coming from Kiyoomi as Atsumu was sucking him off.

Kiyoomi placed both hands on the side of Atsumu's head and thrusted particularly hard. Atsumu gagged a little but he knew Kiyoomi would never do anything to hurt him so he let him. Kiyoomi was thrusting at a steady pace.

Kiyoomi kept thrusting, growing closer and closer to his high as he did so. By now Atsumu was now steadily deepthroating his cock, his eyes slightly watery as he kept his gaze on Kiyoomi. "Atsu baby, I'm going to cum." Kiyoomi moaned.

He slipped his cock out from Atsumu's mouth and began stroking himself to orgasm. "Cumming." He grunted as he spilled his load all over Atsumu's face. Atsumu kept his eyes closed until Kiyoomi was done.

"Omi warn a guy will ya? Samu's never gonna let me live this down once he realizes what happened." Atsumu sighed, pouting slightly. Kiyoomi chuckled. "Complain all you want but I know you enjoyed that." He smirked. Atsumu rolled his eyes and was about to stand up.

Instead, Kiyoomi pushed him back onto his knees again. "Oh who says i was done with you?" //fin

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