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I lost $15k over 2 years until I found this one strategy... that I've been using consistently for the past 3 years as a full-time trader And I'm giving it to you for free: (Supply/Demand Thread🧵)

The key understanding to supply/demand is all about SPEED. How fast price is moving. Fast price movement = institutional activity Slow price movement = chop

Price is always in 2 phases: Contraction (shaded) and Expansion

Contraction phases are when institutions are building positions A "fast" move from a contraction phase is how you know where to identify supply/demand

There are 2 kinds of zones -Drop base rally -Rally base rally I'll explain both for demand zones (it's the opposite for supply)

A DBR (drop base rally) zone looks like this:

A RBR (rally base rally) zone looks like this:

These "zones" are drawn by taking a box from the high/low of the "base" part and extending them Here's what I mean:

You trade these zones by buying the pullback to them Here's what I mean:

Let's take a look at some real examples. Here's $ZM on the weekly time frame. Showing a RBR Demand zone and bounce from it See the consolidation before the explosive move higher?

Here's an example of a DBR zone and a supply zone on $CRM Price went lower, based, then exploded higher leaving a demand zone Price came back and bounced out of that demand zone

So where do you actually draw these zones? You want to find the candle right before the "explosive" move That's where your demand/supply is at Let's take a look:

Here's $TTD on the weekly A nice supply zone forms so I took the candle before and extended a zone from the low-high of the candle Price hits the zone and immediately reverses

Here's a look at $ES Futures on the 4h Beautiful demand zone + reaction to it

Supply/Demand does get A LOT more in-depth than this Way more than I can fit in one thread So if you enjoyed this one and learned something...

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