#sakuatsu being stood up, step in, meet-cute? meet-sad? idk xD This had to be a joke. Nothing less than a terrible joke. On his costs. It was almost half an hour and the first doubts began to creep into his thoughts. “Sir, are you ready to order now?” The friendly waiter +

asked for the third time, now with slight pity in their voice. Kiyoomi looked up, nervously playing with his fingers under the table. The look on their face made his doubts grow even stronger, alongside his embarrassment. +

“No, not yet, thank you. My date is just a little late, he must have gotten held up at work. I'm sure he´ll be here soon.” Even the small smile he was able to force on his lips was shaky. “Of course, sir.” The waiter retreated again. Kiyoomi turned back to the table. +

Kiyoomi turned back to the table. He reached for his lonely glass of water and turned it around in his hands. Of course this was how it´s going to go. The one time he agreed to go on a date, he´d get stood up. Well, there was one silver lining: in the end he could blame it all +

on Motoya. His cousin wouldn´t stop talking about talking about this colleague, whom he thought was perfect for Kiyoomi and swaying him to finally agree on this blind date. From the description he got to hear over and over again Kiyoomi had to agree that he didn´t sound bad and+

if it meant that his cousin would finally stop trying to set him up with someone. But even though he hadn´t put his hopes up too high, he still was hurt that this apparently `awesome´ guy didn´t even have the decency to cancel their date. This was the worst. +

He would never agree to anything that Motoya suggested. The minutes ticked by and with every passing minute he felt more and more ridiculous for still being there and waiting for a man, who would never show up. And if he was honest, he didn´t want him to show up anymore. +

From behind he could hear footsteps approaching. He let out a heavy sigh, preparing himself for the humiliation of admitting he got stood up and would leave without ordering anything. “Sir, are you ready to order?” they asked again, still polite but a little strained. +

This time he couldn´t bring himself to look at him. “No, I think -” They interrupted him, before he could finish his sentence. “Then I must kindly ask you to leave, sir. There are other people-” Now it was their turn to get cut off. +

“I´m so sorry, babe! Traffic was hella crazy, ya should´ve seen it.” A tall fake blond speed walked over to them. Kiyoomi looked around to see who he was possibly talking to, but nobody seemed to know this guy and it still looked like he was beelining his way over to his table.+

Soon enough he pulled out the chair opposite from Kiyoomi and sat down, panting a little. Kiyoomi just stared at him, his mouth standing open in disbelief of what was happening right now. The waiter turned to the blond, “You two belong together?” +

“Yes, I´m so sorry for ma being late.” With the brightest smile Kiyoomi had ever seen, this guy switched between looking at the waiter and him. His gaze stopped at him. “Did you already order something, babe?” he asked with a wink. Dumbstruck Kiyoomi opened and closed his mouth+

a few times, no sound coming from his lips. He cleared his throat and could finally say no, it sounded more like a question than anything else. “Great.” His bright smile disappeared behind the menu. Kiyoomi could barely see his eyes scanning over the pages before the man looked+

up again at the equally confused and speechless waiter and placed orders for the both of them. Their waiter just nodded and left them alone. “´m sorry to spring on ya like that, but I overheard what ya said earlier. That guy is totally crazy ta not show up.” The stranger said+

as soon as they were out of earshot. “You deserve better! I couldn´t just leave ya sittin´ here alone. But if that was too much, I totally understand and you can go anytime you want. Food´s on me anyway. So, what do ya say?” Still too shocked by this sudden intrusion to even +

complain about anything that just happened, he just stared at the stranger. Brown, hooded eyes looked back at him, a few stray strands falling down into his eyes, otherwise his bangs were swept out of his face. He wore an easy smile on his lips, waiting for an answer. +

A dark red button down hugging broad shoulders perfectly. He was attractive, no doubt about that. And his actions, although he went overboard in his opinion, seemed good natured. +

Kiyoomi took a deep breath before he let his lips curl up into a smile and answered, “well, if the food´s on you, how can I possibly say no?”

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