sammi loves bendy suna

sammi loves bendy suna



tw // nsfw [#atsusuna / #sunaatsu] Miya Atsumu getting wrecked while EJP Raijins is calling Suna Rintarou about going to Tokyo to join their team... It was supposed to be to celebrate Atsumu getting into MSBY but suddenly he's not allowed to moan and Rintarou's movements

switch from fast and hard to slow rolls that drags the breathy gasps and moans out of Atsumu. He cries into the pillow as he bites on the pillowcase to muffle the sound because he refuses to be the reason Rintarou gets rejected. Rintarou looks at his face and smirks, humming in

slight satisfaction as Atsumu keeps his hips up for his access but refrains from grinding down. In any other situation, he probably would've but not now. Rintarou mutes the phone in time to whisper in a husky voice, "You're so good to me." and slams into him harder. Atsumu sobs

into Rintarou's should after the phone call ends as Rintarou showers him with urgent movements but sweet kisses and loving praises... // Sorry for being nsfw but like-- I just want someone to get wrecked aka I just want Atsumu to get w r e c k e d by Suna 😭 Never written nsfw

so please ignore the cringe and just-- think of atsusuna 🥺

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