Sandra | writing jail

Sandra | writing jail



@bottsumuweek #bottsumuweek2022 | Day 7: Monsterfucking sakuatsu | nsfw, vampire omi, human atsumu, blood drinking, fangs, car sex, dedos en la boca

His eyes locked onto the blonde. He had been observing him for quite some time now. His eyes looked up and down at his body, watching how he swayed to the music. There was a crowd but his eyes could only focus on him.

Want. Desire. Need. Those were the words that kept repeating in Kiyoomi’s mind. He knew he just had to have the man. He slowly made his way to the crowd and walked right up to him. “Would you like to dance?” He murmured to him, placing a hand on his waist.

The blonde jumped, obviously not expecting someone to touch him or talk to him. He turned around and eyed the man in front of him. He was attractive. Pale skin and dark hair with two moles sitting atop his eyebrow.

“Yer just gonna ask a random stranger to dance with ya? Yer not even gonna ask for my name?” He asked bemused. Kiyoomi chuckled. “Kiyoomi and you are?” He asked as he lead them towards the dance floor.

The music could be heard through the speakers as they faced each other. “Atsumu.” The man in front of Kiyoomi finally replies. He wrapped his arms around Kiyoomi’s neck and started swaying his hips, practically grinding against Kiyoomi.

Kiyoomi followed Atsumu’s movements, moving his own hips. “I’ve been watching you all night.” He whispered in his ear as they danced. Atsumu smirked, feeling cocky. “Ya have? Well are ya just gonna keep staring or are ya gonna do something about it?” He teased.

Kiyoomi pulled the man closer to him, his lips hovering above Atsumu’s neck. “Don’t tempt me.” He said in a low voice, his fangs extracting just a tiny bit so it barely hit the skin of Atsumu’s neck.

Atsumu gasped, realizing what he was. “Are you scared, Atsumu?” He asked, his hands resting on Atsumu’s hips. Atsumu shook his head. “I ain’t scared of ya Omi.” He replied confidently.

Kiyoomi raised his eyebrows. “Omi huh?” He asked, amused. “Kiyoomi’s a mouthful. Anyway, are we just gonna dance or ya gonna do something?” Atsumu asked. Kiyoomi’s eyes were filled with lust and took Atsumu’s hand before rushing back to his car.

His lips immediately went for Atsumu’s, tasting their shared breath. He could feel Atsumu’s heartbeat thudding as they fumbled to take each other’s clothes off. “Want ya so bad.” Atsumu moaned out.

Their clothes soon were left on the floor of the car, Kiyoomi having pushed the seat of the car as far as he could to give them ample space. Atsumu spread his legs, his hard cock resting against his stomach.

Kiyoomi pressed the tips of his fingers against Atsumu’s mouth and almost immediately Atsumu began to suck on the fingers, moaning around them. When he felt they were wet enough, he took them out and started circling Atsumu’s rim with one of his wet fingers.

Kiyoomi slowly pushed his finger inside him, feeling the way Atsumu’s walls clenched around his finger. Atsumu moaned as he slowly pumped his finger in and out of him. “More Omi, more!” He begged. Kiyoomi complied and inserted another finger inside, moving them both in and out.

Kiyoomi continued with his ministrations before he decided Atsumu was ready for his cock. He held the base of his cock and spat on it before he guided it towards Atsumu’s awaiting hole. He slowly started pushing inside him, moaning at how tight Atsumu felt around him.

Once he had pushed all the way in, he stayed still to let Atsumu get used to him. “Omi please move. Need ya,” Atsumu whimpered as he bucked his hips to try to get Kiyoomi to move. Kiyoomi leaned in and captured Atsumu’s lips against his own as he finally started thrusting.

The car shook with every thrust Kiyoomi made. Atsumu nearly screamed when he felt Kiyoomi change his angle and began to hit his prostate. “Omi, bite me!” He said in between his moans. Kiyoomi groaned and licked a stripe against Atsumu’s neck.

“Are you sure?” He said as he continued to thrust in and out of the blonde man. Atsumu whined, turning his head to the side so his neck was exposed. Kiyoomi’s fangs elongated before they slowly pierced Atsumu’s neck. Atsumu screamed in pleasure as he felt his blood being drawn.

Kiyoomi moaned, feeling the taste of Atsumu’s sweet blood against his tongue, savoring every drop. He could feel himself getting closer and closer to his release and he knew Atsumu was too. His hand reached down to wrap around Atsumu’s cock giving it a few strokes.

Atsumu’s orgasm hit him unexpectedly. He arched his back and lifted his hips up, his mouth opened in a silent moan as he released his load all over Kiyoomi’s hand and his stomach. Kiyoomi groaned, detaching himself from Atsumu’s neck, painting Atsumu’s walls with ropes of white.

Once both had calmed down, Kiyoomi slowly pulled out of Atsumu, watching his cum trickle out of his hole. Atsumu looked up, still feeling like he was in a dream. “Best sex ever.” He whispered tiredly.

Kiyoomi chuckled and kissed his lips. “Did that satisfy your fantasy love? Being fucked by an unknown vampire?” He asked. Atsumu ran his fingers through his boyfriend’s hair and smiled. “Ya fulfilled all my fantasies Omi baby.” //fin

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