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Osamu, a yakuza who's the patriarch of the Miya Family, and his twin, Atsumu, the captain of the family. They're quite renowned in their clan, seemingly perfect in everything they do, showing no faults. It's behind closed doors though that they partake in nasty deeds,

actions that others in their family, no, the whole clan, would view as foul. Men having sex with other men is considered taboo in the yakuza world. So it's quite a shock when one of the Miya Family's goons comes barging in, shouting. "Miya! Mi-" He stops, eyes

blown wide open. It's there, straight across from him that he sees Osamu bending Atsumu over on the desk, his right leg hooked over Osamu's arm as he pounds into Atsumu with brutal force, Atsumu's moans and wines barely leaving his lips as Osamu has his other hand

covering his mouth, forcing Atsumu's head back. "Atsumu.... like, his twin brother, Atsumu? What the fuck...?!" the goon thinks in his mind. He becomes merely disgusted by the sight. Osamu isn't even alarmed that the guy barged in. He whispers into Atsumu's ear, most likely

something along the lines of, "shhh Atsumu, be quiet for me for a second, will ya?," then turning around and placing two fingers against his lips, gesturing for the goon to keep this a secret. "You tell anyone about this, and I will go after your head" Osamu warns, his voice low

and stern. You can tell he's angry when he speaks in this tone. The goon becomes noticeably terrified. He knows how ruthless and violent Osamu can be. He does NOT want his head on a pike. The man is shaking when he bows down quickly before exiting the room.

"Now, shall we continue?" Osamu asks Atsumu, no, it's basically a command. Atsumu is not aloud to leave until Osamu finishes his business with him. And he has A LOT of "business" with Atsumu... Fucking Atsumu becomes a nightly occurrence. It's his way of letting off steam and

Atsumu has no choice but to oblige.

No choice to oblige, but in reality he wants this too. Osamu fucks so hard and good it leaves him dizzy.

Is this a punishment? Maybe for Osamu he'd think so, but for Atsumu this is a reward.

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