Kiwiᴵᶜʸ🥝🐿 semi ia

Kiwiᴵᶜʸ🥝🐿 semi ia



Mcd/hopeful end "Jxxng, let me heal you please." Hwx's voice is desperate, he didn't stand the way Jxxng's eyes looked at him so softly and with so much love even if he was the one who hurt him. "No, my dear, it's alright. You'll get to break the curse and be free finally."

His voice is strained and full of pain, making Hwx's heart clench and his eyes swell in tears. "But you... you'll die..." Hwx says with a lump in his throat. "You can't die, Jxxngie... I can't be the one who killed you..." "You're the only one who deserves to kill me, my love."

Jxxng eyes became heavy and his breath irregular. "I'm happy that at least I could spend my life with you, even if for you it meant nothing." Hwx started sobbing when he realised that Jxxng doubted him, doubted his love... "Jxxngie, don't... D-don't you ever think

you meant nothing for me... I love you, I... I been so blind... Fuck, don't leave me..." His voice kept going higher and higher, almost screaming. "I love you, Jxxngie... Let me heal you please." Jxxng smiled through the pain and caressed Hwx's cheek. "My star, it's my time to

go, if I'm alive you'll be always trapped, but I want you f-free..." A small groan escaped his lips. "I love you so much Hwx, my heart belongs to you, I'm sorry for being trouble, my dear." He brought Hwx's hand to kiss it with the little effort he could do. "I love you

and I'm happy you were the one for me... I'm s-sorry for le-leaving so s-soon..." Hwx heart stopped when Jxxng's eyes closed, screaming and knocking the air out of his lungs. He had killed the one and only person that gave him everything, the one that loved him no matter what...

His heart ached as his tears stained his bloodied hands, his Jxxngie was not there and it was all his fault... But he would bring him back, he wasn't the most powerful witch out there for nothing.

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