sakuatsu nsfw "ah hah o-omi w-wait" kiyoomi didn't wait, he didn't wait for atsumu to prepare himself for kiyoomi when he forced himself inside of him in the MSBY locker room. "shh atsu it'll be over soon, just make your hole tighter" atsumu was already a mess but obeyed.

he arched his back and tightened himself up for kiyoomi as he gave a hard smack to his ass. the only reason why kiyoomi had atsumu bent over in the locker room was because he was jealous that atsumu was getting too friendly with meian.

atsumu had sparkles in his eyes whenever he spoke with their captain. he knew atsumu looked up to him but he didn't expect him to follow him around like a lost puppy. he wanted atsumu all to himself. and what better way to do that than fucking him into oblivion?

"let me hear you atsu" atsumu couldn't resist not moaning, but he didn't want to he too loud. "i said speak atsumu" "ah ngh o-omi~" kiyoomi had atsumu held by his hair and fucking him so hard the clapping sound from their skin echoed throughout the locker room.

"i love you atsu, i don't want to see you with anyone else the way you were with mein-san" atsumu looked back at kiyoomi, teary eyes and red in the face. he nodded his head. "good boy atsu~"

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