nsfw (atsuosa) #miyacestober2022 day 21 • royalty + aphrodisiac , fuck or die // "your highness," one of the palace servants rushes to speak, bowing before atsumu. he'd just finished training his knights for the day, and had only begun to start taking off his armour. +

"what is it?" atsumu asked, willing himself not to jump to conclusions. many of the servants had a penchant for the dramatics. "it's his majesty—" now that osamu was involved, atsumu's panic heightened. "he— there was—" "well?!" atsumu already began walking towards the +

dining hall, the servant rushing to keep up with him. "he's been poisoned, your highness." and upon seeing striken, deathly expression, he quickly clarified, "nothing dangerous! a-an aphrodisiac of sorts, we believe. he should be fine, in theory—" +

"in theory?!" atsumu wasn't going to gamble his brother's life, the /king's/ life, on a /theory/. "—he just needs to have it, um." they'd made it to the dining hall, the large room empty save for osamu and the grand maester. even from this distance, atsumu could see that +

osamu was a mess. his face was red and sweaty, half of his garment had been taken off, and his hand movements indicating a behaviour which, if atsumu was correct, was quite inappropriate at the dining table. "leave us," atsumu told the servant, +

before rushing to his brother's side. osamu /was/ indeed jacking himself off, his cock hard and flushed, despite the evidence on his skin that he had already relieved himself prior. he seemed to be in so much pain he didn't even notice atsumu's arrival. +

"what's wrong with him?" atsumu asked the grand maester, trying to not look at his brother, as distracting a sight as it was. "i could not say for certain, prince atsumu." +

"well then how are ya gonna save him?" atsumu only barely held himself back from throttling the old bastard. they never said anything straight out. "if the king has been poisoned with what i believe it to be, then, well—" "well, what?!" +

beside them, osamu let out a groan, and atsumu turned just in time to watch him spill into his fist. the fact he had just watched his twin orgasm aside, atsumu was more focused on the fact that in spite of this, osamu's cock was as hard as ever. +

osamu let out a noise mixed between a sob and a moan, before starting to touch himself again. atsumu gulped. "ahem," the maester interrupted. atsumu quickly turned back to look at him, ignoring the blush on his cheeks, and hoping the maester was wise enough +

not to comment on it. "as i was saying, and if you will pardon my language, your highness, the only thing i can say for sure which would cure your brother is to have the poison fucked out of him." "fu—" atsumu cannot believe the maester just swore. he cannot /believe/ +

the grand maester just said something so crude. in fact, he would probably even be laughing about it, with /osamu/, if osamu wasn't about to die right now! "of course, there is the matter of discretion, but be rest assured that we can find a whore who—" +

atsumu shook his head. "i will— let me find someone. i will take care of him." the maester did not seem so certain. "my prince, i really to believe—" "leave!" atsumu didn't want to yell, but seeing osamu like this— "i'm sorry, it's hard seeing him like this. i—" +

"just give us a moment first, and if i need you to fetch someone... i will call for you." "as you wish." the grand maester bowed, and left. atsumu turned to his twin once. he leaned down beside him, nose wrinkling at the smell of sweat and come. +

"samu," he said, brushing osamu's sweaty bangs back. "can ya hear me? didya hear the maester? ya gotta—" he didn't know how to say it. "someone's gotta take ya, so you can be cured from this nonsense." for a moment atsumu wasn't sure whether his twin heard him. +

and then osamu gasped, "tsumu," with more clarity than he'd appeared this entire time. he looked at atsumu for the first time too, eyes frantic, the hand that hadn't been on his cock coming up to clasp atsumu's shoulder. "you do it. i want /you/ ta save me." +

atsumu pulled back, as much as he could with osamu holding onto him like a lifeline. he couldn't— he— "i'm yer /kingsguard/," he whispered, desparately. "i took a vow, i am not to—" "i couldn't give a /fuck/ about yer vows right now, tsumu," osamu growled back. +

"i feel— i have come five times in succession yet i feel as wound up as the first time. there is /slick/ leaking from my asshole, as if i were a woman. my body /screams/ for me to be fucked, i feel as if i will /die/ if i am not fucked. so do it." +

"we— the maester said—" "fuck what the maester said! you're right here, just fuck me and be done with it." but it wasn't as simple as osamu was making it out to be. it might appear so with his delirious mind, but atsumu was still sane, and he knew how wrong it would be, +

even if it /was/ to save the king's life. "we're brothers, we're /twins,/" he argued, as if to remind osamu of the fact. "and what about it? it hasn't stopped others before. some families are /built/ on incest, brother." "i know, i /know./" +

atsumu's mind was a mess. he was running out of arguments. "then—" "oh, fuckin' hell, tsumu! what more do ya want me ta say? i'm not gonna /let/ someone else take me like this, have ya thought about that? even the finest gold wouldn't be able to pay off a whore from +

keeping this a secret," he gestured down at his lower half. "and who would? a king who was desperate for it, who was /gagging/ for it? please, tsumu, save me the shame." this... atsumu had not thought about. with anyone else, there /was/ a risk. so that meant... +

"okay," atsumu breathed, feeling like a heavy weight had been set on his shoulders. he watched osamu, who was getting the ball rolling by gathering his clothes and bundling them on the floor as a makeshift mattress, before laying himself upon it. +

he spread his legs, revealing his hole, which /did/ appear glistening and wet. the whole time, he was still touching his cock, as if he couldn't bear to stop. atsumu watched, and felt dumbfounded. he had no clue what to do. he'd never fucked anyone before, +

it was a part of his vows. he'd— /seen/ before, of course, and heard stories and maybe thought about it during the darkest of hours when he was desperate and had let himself go, but to actually— /be/ in another person, to— "fuckin' hell," osamu swore. +

he was clearly fed up with atsumu's dawdling. he got up, pushed atsumu's trousers down, and forced him to lie on the floor. he took atsumu's cock in his hand and moved it to his entrace. "wait, samu, ah—" all thought left atsumu as his brother slowly sunk down on his cock. +

it was even better than he could've ever imagined, better than even in his darkest fantasies and nastiest dreams. osamu felt so wet and /warm/, sucking in atsumu's cock with significant ease. once osamu was down all the way, he jerked his cock until he came. +

atsumu thought maybe that would be it, maybe it was enough, but was both disappointed and elated to find that osamu's cock remained as hard as ever. he didn't know how he should help osamu though, not in this position. he put his hands on osamu's hips and +

tried to rock up, but it was useless. "oh so /now/ ya wanna try." osamu rolled his eyes. "just lie there, ya idiot. can't trust ya to do anythin'." before atsumu could protest, osamu lifted himself up and dropped back onto atsumu's cock. +

it was /heavenly,/ if such a thing existed. it took osamu a few goes to find a comfortable position, but once he adjusted he got into a steady rhythm of bounces. he looked like a god, truly, taking atsumu's cock again and again, expression drawn up so beautifully, +

such gorgeous sounds spilling from his mouth. atsumu was enjoying himself a lot, /too much,/ his arousal waging with his sense of responsibility, the vow he took to serve and protect his king. whether this counted, he was not so sure. +

soon, too soon, osamu was coming again. but this time, atsumu came with him. it was a thunderous thing, ripped from atsumu's body without his permission. his seed filled osamu from the inside, and leaked out down his thighs. it was an obscene sight. +

so of course atsumu's cock gave another trying twitch. osamu was heaving above him, legs shaking, but—and this was an important but—he seemed to be okay otherwise. his cock had finally softened, and immediately his disposition seemed to improve. +

"are ya— is everything okay?" atsumu asked tentatively. "yeah," osamu breathed, still catching his breath. "fuck, yeah. i feel so much better." he lifted his head and gave atsumu a grin. "i don't feel like i'm gonna die." for some reason, at this moment +

atsumu was struck by his brother's handsomeness. he'd always known it, seeing the people at court fawn over him, but never himself had he thought it himself, until now. oh, fuck. "great," he said, swallowing. "i'm glad to hear. i'll just—" he tried to pull out of +

osamu's distracting hole. "wait." osamu put a hand on atsumu's chest. "let me— you just sacrificed so much for me, i gotta pay ya back somehow." atsumu shook his head, "please, samu. it wasn't nothing. it was my duty. and—" he continued, +

seeing osamu's frown, "—even if it wasn't my duty, i would've done the same. w-we're family, after all." "yeah. yeah, we are." osamu sat for a moment, considering. atsumu's cock was still in him, and with every moment that atsumu's cock remained in him, +

atsumu could feel his restraint slipping. "still," osamu said finally. "at least take the day off? come to my chambers, to recover. and, maybe— we might need to go again, just to be safe." go again? was osamu really asking him— "in case there's any residual poison," +

osamu clarified, looking a bit anxious himself. "i feel fine now, but we should still be careful, right?" "right," atsumu nodded, tentatively agreeing. it was wrong to say, but it /felt/ so right. "you have a good point. these— /things/, these poisons, +

ya never know about them. and the m— even the grand maester wasn't sure about it so. we probably will have to. again." "right." they stared at each other awkwardly, unsure what to do next, hovering at the edge of this dangerous precipice. +

"to my chambers then," osamu announced. getting up and hastily getting dressed. atsumu did the same, pulling his pants up. "to yer chambers."

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