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8 mental models to master startups:

1. Jobs-to-be-done: What job is the customer trying to accomplish with your product? Apple's famous iPod ad stood out for focusing on a job-to-be-done instead of listing features.

2. Product-market fit: Do people want what you're building? This is the most important mental model for building a startup. Always focus on validating your product with your customer. image credit: @sachinrekhi

3. Activation energy: What is the minimum amount of time and effort required to reach the desired outcome? Example: It usually takes at least a year for your content to rank on Google.

4. Idea Maze: Your start-up can take various pathways being able to identify the right ones is key. h/t @balajis

5. Hick's Law: The effort it takes to make a decision increases with the number of options. The more options you offer, the harder it is for customers to decide. Help your customers convert by keeping it simple and narrowing the options.

6. First Principles Thinking: Elon Musk's favorite mental model. To solve any problem: a) Identify the facts and the assumptions at play. b) Separate the two and identify the core building blocks. c) Use the building blocks to create new solutions.

7. Velocity: Start-ups are about iteration and building momentum. Developing a mindset of speed across everything you do is critical. You can do this by: a) Releasing MVP fast and getting it in customers hands b) Iterating & adding new features using customer feedback

8. Inversion: Having trouble finding a solution? Start from the opposite end of the problem to find a novel solution. Example: Instead of asking how your startup can succeed. Ask how it might fail. Use the answer to both questions to create the best strategy.

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