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SakuAtsu + implied SunaKomo // nsfw themes , dark omegaverse , bitching , oviposition AU where Atsumu is mere mortal who becomes besotted with the son of the sea god, Rintarou, so he makes a deal with Kiyoomi, a cecaelia (half-human, half-octopus), trading his legs for a set of

fins in exchange for spending the alpha’s rut in his underwater cavern somewhere in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Atsumu keeps his end of the bargain, positively optimistic about Kiyoomi’s deadline of 13 months to make Rintarou return his feelings.

What he doesn’t know, however, is that Kiyoomi has been scheming with Motoya, a sea centaur thoroughly obsessed with Rintarou and one of the sea god’s closest acolytes who happens to be his cousin. And together, they make it nearly impossible for Atsumu

to get within a hair’s breadth to Rintarou, secretly hexing Rintarou with a potent love potion as well.

On supposedly the final moon they were to spend the alpha’s rut together, Kiyoomi knots Atsumu and releases three eggs in his womb, making Atsumu scream until he’s breathless, his stomach swelling as Kiyoomi pulls out his beaded cock.

In a drunken haze, Atsumu makes out the heady musk from Kiyoomi’s scent glands, setting it apart from the intoxicatingly sweet pheromones that drown him in lust, finally recognizing it as his own. Wait—that’s not quite right.

He /can’t/ emit pheromones, let alone possess a scent… he’s a beta, just like the rest of the Miya clan. But— Atsumu sharply jolts to consciousness as thick, viscous fluid gushes out of his gaping hole, and the first egg is layed on the nest he’s sprawled on. Oh. /Oh/

Kiyoomi looks down on him with a wicked grin, slimy limbs caressing Atsumu’s soft cheeks while another relentlessly fondles his perked up nipples, and another soothing the swollen gland on the side his neck /that wasn’t there before/.

“Atsumu,” he rasps, baring his crooked teeth, a pair of fangs gleaming iridescent blue under the pale glow of the deep trench. “You’re awake.” Atsumu breathes heavily, feeling another stream of slick threatening to ooze from his gaping hole.

“That’s it. You’re doing so good. So fucking good for me. Give it another push, Atsu.” “Ki…yo…O-Omi? What is…ah-” Then, comes out a second egg. “One more. Come on, Atsu. Last one.”

Atsumu writhes in painful pleasure, his entire being tingling at the mere sound of Kiyoomi’s grating voice. It doesn’t take long before Atsumu’s vision turns white and he succumbs to a silent scream, body spasming in overstimulation. “Hah, you did so well. My beautiful omega.”

And Atsumu has yet to process the meaning behind Kiyoomi’s words or the fact that he isn’t in a lucid dream. But he— He can’t help it. He squirms and revels in the slippery hold of tentacles that trap him and /purrs/.

(I’m rarely into lore but I’m exploring the darker side of omegaverse for my bb piece and this AU idea came to mind distracting me so,,,,, just gonna throw it out here until I could get back to it 🫡)

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