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Essential Reading 🧵 There are certain books that I believe are absolutely crucial reads to get a proper understanding of what's really going on in the world. These aren't books you'll find being pushed by your local bookstores.

1. Tragedy & Hope: A History Of The World In Our Time This book covers 150 years of social development that Quigley associates with the rise of positions of power in the western world. As daunting a book as it may seem, it is one that must be read.

It's quite long - over 1300 pages - there's no better book to fully understand the ideology of the predator class. Discusses power, economic influence, globalism and the transnational forms of government. A detailed analysis:

2. Weapons of Mass Instruction The fruit of the Author’s 30 years of personal experience teaching in public schools, and decades more of research into the history, design, and long-term effects of our current model of schooling, as well as those of its potential alternatives.

John Taylor Gatto is one of those voices that we all really need to listen to. And one of the things that really sticks out to me is that he is a very gentle man: just watch his interviews on youtube.

3. The Ascendancy of the Scientific Dictatorship Unequivocal proof that the real roots of the so-called Darwinian science are not scientific at all. Instead, Darwin's ideas were an amalgamation of occult doctrines derived from Masonic atmosphere/heritage which pervaded his life.

Specifically, the doctrine of "becoming" or apotheosis which became cloaked within darwinian pseudo-science and was relentlessly promoted by the Free Masons and their societal off-shoots (Royal Society, Lunar Society, etc).

The author also describes how the dogma is utilized as part of the sociology and control grid by globalist elites to exercise their control agenda of economic enslavement, eugenics (population reduction), biogenics, and other forms of Luciferean rebellion against God.

4. Drugs as Weapons Against Us A thoroughly researched and referenced book that shows how drugs didn't just enter the counter culture. They were planted and fertilized within it for nefarious purposes.

Drugs have been used repeatedly for political purposes worldwide, derailing the lives of political activists, politicians, artists, and ordinary people. An important work. A must read.

5. Dissolving Illusions Impeccably researched with extensive data to support their deductions, this book is a must for any thinking person if they can reason beyond the cognitive dissonance. It should be required reading. It is a fascinating and engaging read. Highly recommend.

6. Manly P. Hall Books Hall was a master Luciferian initiate who describes the ancient role of secret societies in hidden history and their baneful influence

In a nutshell these books teach nothing but “revelation of the method” occultism and secular-statist ideology. Only recommend these books if you have an interest in the occult.

7. Programmed to Kill David McGowan shows a clarity in his analysis and writing that few others can match or surpass. If you haven't read this, you are probably badly misled as to the nature of "serial killers". Essential for anyone researching MK Ultra/Monarch mind control

LOLFIELDANDLOVE has converted a lot of the information into videos on his Youtube channel. He's also added further content like interviews, news reports, etc.

Recommended this book to a friend of mine, and he made a great three-part analysis and summary of the book. Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 -

Other recommended reads: - Esoteric Hollywood - The Trigger - The Anglo-American establishment - Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon - Missing 411 series - The Perestroika Deception - The Aquarian Conspiracy - Secrets of the Federal Reserve - Occult Theocracy

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