SkTs NSFW One thing to know about Atsumu was that he believed in the power of motivational posters. He had them in his bedroom as the first thing he saw in the morning, in his kitchen so he could recite them while he cooked, and he had them in his locker. One thing to know

about Sakusa was that he liked to fuck Atsumu while quoting them. To help him memorize them. But mostly to watch him squirm and turn pink. He had to change them every so often because he would get hard reading them. Remembering them. “Too much, Omi, too much,” Atsumu wailed,

thighs over Sakusa’s shoulder. Hole stretched around his boyfriend’s fat cock. “All thing are difficult before they are easy, sweetheart,” Sakusa mocked as he slowly pulled out, Atsumu’s pink hole clinging to him. Desperate. Atsumu’s cry broke off into a whine. “Omi, I can’t.”

His tummy was already slick with cum. Three orgasms deep, tears wetting his lashes. “Nothing worth having comes easy,” Sakusa played with the wet tip of Atsumu’s cock, fucking him slowly. Deeply. Atsumu tossed his head back and forth on his pillow, eyes clenched shut. “Ya

are trying to kill me.” “Make an effort, not an excuse, baby,” Sakusa bit into Atsumu’s throat as his boyfriend clenched around him. Whole body shaking as his cock dribbled a pathetic amount of cum. “Don’t stop until you’re proud,” Sakusa bent Atsumu in half, still inside of

him. Still grinning wickedly. All Atsumu could do was moan.

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