Vedic Wisdom..ཨོཾ🦅

Vedic Wisdom..ཨོཾ🦅



Some common Misconceptions among Hindus. 1 The invaders were the ones who destroyed our temples and heritage in past, then why hate people now? Answer- These people believe in same ideology which motivated invaders to destroy temples in the first place, how can we trust them?

2. Not all of them are bad some are good too, you cannot generalize people. Answer - Not all wires have electricity, it do not mean I will grab any random wire assuming it do not. It's my duty to take adequate precautions and trust carefully.

3. Why blame people in present times for things done my Aurangazeb and Babur? Answer - These people not only glorify invaders but also insult our ancestors at the same time, Glorifying them is an insult to our ancestors. Unless they criticize these invaders we will blame them

4. But Vro Sabka khoon hai yahan ki mitti me, this nation is as much theirs as ours. Answer - Our ancestors fought for every inch of this land, the did abhishek of Bharat ma with blood of invaders. This land belongs to our ancestors.

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