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NSFW miyasaku , omegaverse , cucking , breeding "ya want me to come inside, sweetheart?" osamu coos at the nearly incoherent omega beneath him. "y-yes, please, osamu-san!" kiyoomi cries, little gasps and whines punched out of him with every thrust of the alpha's cock into him.

there's a faint growling from the other end of the room that both osamu and kiyoomi ignore. "such a polite omega," osamu praises. he slows his thrusts before pulling out of kiyoomi entirely. "why don't ya present yerself for me, so i can breed you proper?"

kiyoomi, who's been on his back, immediately rolls over onto his stomach and lifts his ass up, spreading his legs to display his dripping hole to osamu. "good boy." osamu curses under his breath as he rubs the head of his thick alpha cock through kiyoomi's slick.

"please, please," the normally proud and aloof omega begs when osamu doesn't immediately resume fucking him. "fuck me, knock me up!" osamu groans, thrusting himself into wet heat as he's unable to resist the gorgeous thing before him. "shh, baby, it's alright," he comforts.

osamu locks eyes with a snarling atsumu, sitting in a chair on the far side of the room. he smirks. "i'll put a whole litter of pups into ya in one go, promise. s'the least i can do, considering yer useless, impotent alpha is my pathetic brother."

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