the outer & inner you: a thread. — important.

often times we imagine, assume or try to become whilst battling fear, doubt and all the what ifs we can think of. where does this come from? how can we fix this? it comes from who and what you identify as.

this comes from still identifying as the outer experience, still identifying ourselves with the outer world and seeing it as reality.

the outer you is the one experiencing the physical world, the physical body. the inner you is the person you are in imagination, your internal world and this is where freedom truly exists.

many of us identify with the outer self and the outer self is full of limitation. not realising that its a reflection of the inner self who can truly have it all. the way to eliminate all doubt, is to know that imagination is reality and to believe that it is.

once you see that imagination is reality and you identify yourself with the inner you, all doubt, all questions disappear. the only time you question or fear is because you still identify with the outer you, the physical you and not your imagination.

one thing to remember is that the inner and outer you are ONE. one is reflecting the other. whoever the inner you is and does, is what the outer you will eventually experience because it’s just a mirror. the outer you is the inner you. its not separate.

this is the aim, to change the inner you, not to change the outer you. this also creates doubt when we try to change the outer self. the outer self sees limitation and that’s why we have questions. however if we change the inner self, imagination, we are limitless.

to change our inner self is to change how we see things and ourselves in IMAGINATION. many people see the physical world as reality still, this is what creates upset. you still see it as real when it’s just a reflection. its not where reality is.

to feel bliss, know that your inner world is the only reality. it has to be because that’s all the physical reality is. don’t get upset, you are just receiving a reflection of your inner world. change your inner world and you’ll change the physical world. they are one.

this will help what you desire to feel more natural. there are so many people here feeling like they need to force the 3D, get change, wait or get upset etc but it’s only because you still see the physical as reality.

someone who identifies with the outer self and experience will say “where is it?” or “how?” because the outer self can only question. it doesn’t know. but if you identify with the inner you, it’s already done because you imagined it and that’s reality. you don’t need to question.

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