Jay hustler SEO

Jay hustler SEO



I made over $3867 from Clickbank in just 47 days with just 1 product. I wrote an SEO optimized based article about the product then Boom!! Here is How I did it. THREAD🧵

To make it clear.. Clickbank is an affiliate platform where people sell products and get commision in return. How did I manage to do that then? Okay, well Read the next paragraphs carefully!! Sit back and enjoy.

1. I created a simple website and started to leverage the power of SEO in writing affiliate articles. If you don’t have a domain (website)? Fear not. You still can do it with other free platforms like: -Blogger -Wordpress -Google site -Medium .com Zero excuses.

2. I then went to my Clickbank market place and picked the product to promote. Mine was: Revitaa Pro. It is the weight loss product. You can pick anyone of your choice. No barriers.

3. After picking the product it was a time for content creation & marketing. SEO did magic for me here. I did a comprehensive keyword research. Picked the long tail keywords with low competition + Higher conversions . Always go for long tail keywords in your articles.

4. Three most important things: -I opened the 1-3 top pages -Clearly surveyed them -Came up with best content in terms of content Depth & readability. SEO competitive analysis is the name of the game. You can’t beat your competitors without clearly surveying them.

5. This one is very vital. On-Page SEO. This is where the whole game is played. -H1 H2 & H3 -Quality content -Proper image optimization -A Proper keyword density -Strategic keywrds placement. This helps Google to easily discover what my content is about and rank it.

6. Lastly, I did a bit of Off-page SEO. I leveraged the power of social media. Pinterest and quora. Posting and commenting strategies. They helped me to have many visitors as well. After that I had to chill and wait for Google to do its stuff. Patience pays off in SEO.

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