Masculine Retention

Masculine Retention



How to quit masturbation and porn FOREVER thread πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

First off all, to quit any addiction you need discipline. If you don’t have discipline you will never be able to get rid of your addiction.

Fighting your sexual urges is just another discipline, it’s like dieting or Exercising. Simply just doing something you necessarily don’t want to do. So how do you build discipline?

Do hard things! The best way to build discipline is cold showers. First thing in the morning, get straight into that cold shower and stay in there for 2 minutes. Now that’s not easy and that will build discipline and fast!

Get up 1 hour earlier every morning! Another great way to build discipline, getting up early when you don’t need to is a struggle for most of us. If you can do it consistently watch your discipline develop!

Meditate! Mediation does build discipline, but it will also focus the mind and help you control that powerful sexual energy. It will also cleanse your mind of those dirty thoughts.

Accountability! Join an accountability group or find an accountability partner! Never let your side down! You’ll be surprised the power of someone counting on you!

Learn the value of your seed! You have to realise that your seed is sacred. It is literally another life, so much of your bodies resources go into manufacturing this precious liquid. Don’t give it up easily!

Read my ebook! Semen Retention saved my life, it can save yours too. Learn about the benefits of retention and take control of your life. You won’t recognise yourself!

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